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War and Peace
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The European Union is clearly one of the most important pillars of contemporary and modern democracy. History has shown us how catastrophic can the war and extremism consequences be. On the other hand, due to the actual rise of populist extremism and radicalism in Europe, we have decided to highlight this fact and achieve that this issue will come to the awareness of young people. We are proud ambassadors of democracy, fundamental social principles in terms of equality and respect for human rights and it is in our interest (and it is our inherent duty) to promote these values.The future and destiny of the moral, social and political challenges associated with the reality depend only on our ability to mobilize young people and to arouse in them the creativity, enthusiasm and commitment to wider peace. Our main motivation is to provide young people the idea that they are the ones who can build the peaceful societies in the world, thanks to their special qualities and characteristics that make them natural leaders in the whole process. Slovak national elections in 2016 showed us the raise of antisystemic political parties that entered in the National Council and the exit polls and different surveys showed us that a large proportion of votes for the extremists came from first-time voters. Same scenarios are present in another European countries which are witnessing the raise of extremism. The real problem, however, remains on the fact that young people do not know the alternatives. We want to introduce to the participants of this exchange different forms of participation and highlight examples from history that resulted from the escalation of radicalism in the world.This exchange involves young people aged 16-22 years. We believe that this age group needs a lot of motivation. Given that they are a first-time voters, this target group is perfect audience to highlight the importance of system solutions for peace, always through democratic ways of solving conflicts.Our common commitment is also the observance of gender equality, so we decided to ensure 50% representation of both sexes within each national group. The number of participants from disadvantaged backgrounds represent around 30%.
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