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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Currently, our C. Education is implementing bilingualism in nursery and primary school. After completing its full implementation in these educational stages, is planned implementation in the remaining stages: Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), Bachelor´s degree, Vocational Training. This project aims to be a tool that allows us to achieve these objectives from the Salesian institution itself.The Erasmus + "BILINGUAL TO SPEAKING WALKING IN VOCATIONAL TRAINNING" project has several objectives, prioritized quoted below:The Erasmus + "BILINGUAL TO SPEAKING WALKING IN VOCATIONAL TRAINNING" project has several objectives, prioritized quoted below:1. It intends to initiate the way towards the implementation of bilingualism in our professional training center, through a language immersion program for 2 weeks, allowing participants to acquire skills in the handling of technical English.2. It aims to serve as a tool to connect with new training centers that allow us to continue developing joint projects, such as mobility projects etc ..3. It aims to be a tool that allows our professionals to acquire technical vocabulary in their field so they can have access to recent biography on new technologies.4. It seeks to expand the list of companies collaborating with our institution in the education of our students. With them, it is possible to continue developing mobility projects undergo training in work centers abroad, and even increase the chances of placement of our students.The project is carried out by 4 professionals of Vocational Training, which, spent several years training in English language and currently hold certificates issued by Cambridge level B1-B2 and Trinity School London ISE-II level. These professionals are looking to acquire skills that make them unfold in a fluid form in English.The activities to be developed are the following:- Training in Technical English. Through a course of Vaughan Systems training center for 2 weeks to perform in Cambridge.- Establish contacts with schools and companies Cambridge, London and beyond.Once developed the project, the desired impact will be:- For teachers: - have training with a strong European character - Having a high linguistic competence - Strengthen skills and acquire innovative tools in their teaching- To the center: - Encouraging the establishment of bilingualism at the stage of vocational training. - Encourage entered the prestige of our local, national and international level. -Promoting bilingualism and cultural diversity - Continuing to develop projects with companies and schools that bring us closer to Europe- For our students: - Receiving a specific quality training, and also in English. - Empowering them to make mobility projects elsewhere in Europe - Power Company offer internships in other European countriesOnce the project is completed, it will play the phase of dissemination and evaluation of the objectives achieved by tools that allow us to assess their level of acquisition.We think it is vitally important to our broadcast center, which not only project an image of our fallen to their local center, but as a projected image of a Europe open to allow mobility of our students center. Approximately coinciding with the period from March to July, we will develop a draft dissemination of educational opportunities both in the local press, as well as local radio and television. Also, thanks to the opportunities provided by new technologies, we will broadcast internationally through educational platforms and web portals.The indicators we use to see the extent to which the proposed objectives are:Get the implementation of bilingualism in Step training will also be a clear indicator that this project helped to achieve the objectives.If we increase our number of students in the pre-registration and registration deadlines encouraged by the possibilities of better job prospects, thanks to contacts with companies in other countries it will also be a clear indicator that the objectives have been achieved.Finally, if they receive professional training, are able to move at a higher level of certification, will also be a clear indicator that the objectives
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