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vzdelávanie učiteľa pre vzdelávanie žiaka
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The primary school with a nursery school Martina Hamuljaka provides principal pre-school education, primary and low secondary education for 274 pupils in the village Oravská Jasenica. Education is also secured for children with special needs. The school is located in the north of middle part of Slovakia in region Orava. The school is involved in undertakings and projects on a regional, national and on an international level. Becasue of this, there is a need for qaulity teachers, who would bring new ideas, new creative approaches and inovative methods on how to motivate pupils to learn and how to prepare pupils better for their future life. There are four teachers from our primary school involved into this project – two english teachers, a non english teacher, a supervisor from the school and one teacher from the nursery school. Two of the participants will undertake an english course for intermediate speakers to improve spoken English and to understand new forms of teaching and the other two employees will try to improve their comunication skills in english in a practical environment on a beginner level. One of the participants was absolved a course " New learning environments" which was focused on information about Finish education system, whole environment in school, and conditions about education. All mentioned participants are actively involved in international projects organized by the school, however, they feel a need for additonal education/training mostly to enhance their language communication skills, new effective methods and forms of teaching how to motivate students more, to increase their self-confidence, so they can feel their work brings a satisfaction also for pupils and so that the school thanks to pupils parents satisfaction can gain an important regional status. By undertaking 2 weeks long further education abroad of our five teachers at language school in Brighton – UK and eduKarjala - institute of training and consulting services in Joensuu - Finland, we are expecting an improvement in their language, comunication and managariel skills, which then should be transalted into an enhancement in our teachers work when creating didactic material, in using inovative methods and forms when teaching not just an english language, but also additional school subjects. Very important role of a teacher is to involve pupils into out-of-school activities, especially into international projects, stimulate their talent and an interest into unusual topics, give them an opportunity to learn about new cultures and lives of other pupils in other countries. By understanding work of other colleagues abroad there is an opportunity for each member of the project to recognize their limits, weaknesses and strong points, which would allow them no to give a chance to „burnout“. The participants of the project are then expected to share their acquired knowledge and results of the project with their colleagues during school methodical days, by publishing in professional discussions on public or not public portals during friendly profesional meetings.

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