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Vzděláváme se pro lepší budoucnost - praxe žáků SOU a PrŠ v zahraničí
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project is to prepare well and to realize the international mobility of the students in the field of Cook in Italy in the form of internships in the business for 14 days and for the workers of school in the form of professional development for 14 days.The aim of the project is in line with the Strategy 2020, with the long-term objective of the Czech Republic from 2015 until 2020 and in accordance with the Erasmus +. The project is filling all the four strategic goals of the following documents:- improves the quality and efficiency of education and professional skills among the teachers and the students in the field Cook, promotes apprenticeship training- implements a mobility of the internships for the teachers and for the students- promoting an equity, the social cohesion and an active citizenship – to this mobility are engaged the pupils with the special educational needs (equal access and inclusion), the pupils form the orphanages and the pupils with a social handicap, handicapped pupils- supports creativity and innovation of the entrepreneurial skills among pupils and teachers - an internship in a foreign company proceeds in an environment of the firms (hotels).A 1: Aim for the students in the field Cook:We would like to support the competitiveness of our students in the field Cook in the labor market by the implementation of this project. Our school is focused on the education of the students with the different handicaps. By the engagement of our school in this project of the international mobility we would like to support a better chance and motivation of our students for learning. In the Strategic Plan of our School we have set the goal, which we have to adapt to the school theoretical and practical activities of the current European labor market. We would like to accomplish this goal by the international mobility of the students in the field Cook and by the mobility of the teachers of the vocational subjects. We would like to use the know - how of the Italian hospitality and cuisine and also we would like to use the examples of the good practices with an international feedback. We will offer to our students the teaching of high quality in an international team and our students will also have an opportunity to exchange the experience with the foreign students. By the involvement in this mobility we will allow to our students an access to the new methods, procedures and technologies, which they can´t try in our school. The project supports the motivation and confidence of the young people with disabilities.The project also aims to create the conditions for the completion of the educational career of a young person with mild mental disabilities and affected by the social exclusion to find an employment in their field. We are planning to support EU tools for transparency and we want to use ECVET in the context of internships and Europass documents during the international mobility. A 2: Aim for the teachers of the field Cook: The project fulfills the objective of the Strategic Plan of the school – to improve the quality of the vocational education in our school and also promoting lifelong learning for teachers. Teachers can through the project to establish foreign cooperation and they will communicate in a foreign language. Mobility enables to the educators to acquire new professional experience, improve their knowledge and skills in foreign language communication, foster their social skills, personal and professional development. Mobility is intended for the teachers, who teach the gastronomic courses, for those who created the School educational program and they were the commission members and they created cuniform final examinations. The main objective of the mobility will become acquainted with the course of the pupils' education in Italian schools and in the contractual workplaces. The objective of the mobility is also to compare a cooperation between the School and the contractual workplace, and to compare the form of evaluation of the students with special educational needs. Mobility aims to establish the level of cooperation between the school and potential employers, also to compare the level of acquired knowledge and skills of graduates from the Czech Republic and Italy, and identify any skills gaps. The specific objective of the mobility will be the treatment of our Strategic plan of the school in case of need, in order to make a better connection between theory and practice. The teachers will gain an insight, new ideas and the skills that will be shared and discussed with the other employees in our school.The participants of the mobility will begin to spread the knowledge during the course, they will write about their impressions and they will send the photographs to a school TwinSpace and to the school email. After returning home, participants will create the mobility photographs by collecting power-point presentation and both schools will publis
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