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Vuelo XXI: Destino Europa 2020
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The high-school IES de Bocairent is in the province of Valencia, Spain. There are 31 teachers, 20 of them with a fix post. 150 students attend Compulsory Secondary Education, 36 study A-Levels and 15 a vocational training course on Administration. There are 4 IT rooms, 2 laboratories for Physics and Chemistry and Biology, a technology workshop room, 2 Art classrooms and another one for music.After analyzing the results of the first evaluation we have detected a lack of motivation and interest by students, and so, we need a methodological change. Therefore,our main objectives are:- Improve the students’ linguistic competence in English by using it to teach mathematics and philosophy.- Develop significant methodological changes based on a personalized teaching process with an active involvement of students to promote their acquisition of competences.- Engage students and make them aware of the European dimension and the existence of different languages and cultures.- Understand the importance of solidarity and peer support in the educational and social dimension.In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, we will develop the following methodology:-CLIL Methodology: The students will achieve contents through the English language. Their sociolinguistic abilities and those related to the citizenship will be boosted since they become aware of the existence of other languages and cultures.-Use of ICT: We can offer the students appealing and dynamic contents, which are adapted to the technological tide of the 21st century.-Learning through projects: it helps the interdisciplinarity, interconnecting several subjects through projects so that our students can achieve a holistic vision of the different fields of knowledge. 8 teachers are involved in this project:-a Philosophy teacher, who has a B2 qualification in English and formation related to CLIL. Next year, he will teach some unit didactics of the subjects ”Ethical values 1 and 2” in English.-a Maths teacher, who is now attending classes for the C1 level in English and with knowledge related to CLIL methodology.Next year, he will teach in English the levels 3 and 4 of compulsory education.-a History teacher,who has level B1 qualification in English learning communities.-2 English teachers that have started to boost interdiciplinarity this course with the above mentioned teacher.They will supervise the didactic units which will be conveyed in the following academic course.-the headmistress of our school, who is a Valencian teacher with knowledge of English and French, level A2.The expected resuls will be outstanding in some sectors:-Teachers, who will widen their methodological, linguistic and cultural knowledge, whose effect will be an improvement in the education they offer.- The students will be more motivated because they will receive a higher quality education, which will fit more our times,they will better their effort and therefore their results will be improved.English as the language in class will awaken their consciousness of the European and worldwide dimension._our school will dispose oftrained teachers,who will offer quality and innovative learning, which will approach the students to the learning process and in short our students will feel part of it.-the families will observe the progress of their children´s academic background as well as their school results. Therefore,they will see excellent expectations regarding their children´s entry to higher levels of education and even to the labour market.The expected impact will reach a local, regional,national and international level since the diffusion of the acquired experiences and the materials will reach:-our school; by sharing what we have learnt with the teacher´s staff in informative meetings and conferences.a school magazine will be prepared to including the results,progresses , feelings and future projects.-In the local administration and in the primary school ,in order to design common actions.-In the local newspaper and radio interviews, where the project results will be diffused.-in E-twinning andin the school web, where the experiences and the didactic materials will be shared.Also, we will open the doors to collaborate with other teachers worldwide._By creating and publishing didactic materials that include the good practices in teaching so that other teachers can use them in their classes.In the CEFIRE, contributing with our experiences to the annual conferences on Erasmus + programmes.
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