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VTI On European Internship
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The campus VTI Waregem has a long tradition in the field of quality management (ISO certified since 1996). In 2008, on the occasion of the "Internship to Industry" (i2i) project, which provides a quality framework for mobility projects, the campus VTI Waregem started organizing internships abroad. The new two year internship project "VTI on European Internship" is a continuation of the project "2013-LDV-IVT-106" and is specifically aimed at students in the field of study of Car Techniques. In the curriculum of the 6th year TSO techniques there is a compulsory internship of at least 2 weeks, with the aim of: - putting the acquired skills into practice; - gaining new technical knowledge and skills; - experiencing the real life in a company. We want to challenge the students of car techniques to do this internship abroad, in innovative car companies that are situated at the top in the automotive industry and have a great experience in integrating education and business. We also want them to get acquainted with the technical education in the host country and compare it with ours. Number of participants / Destination The aim in 2016 and 2017 is to offer an internship abroad to 6 students from the 6th year TSO Car Techniques. For Car Techniques we have chosen the country Sweden because if offers the best opportunities for good internships in the automotive sector. Our partner school is Elof Lindälvs Gymnasium in Kungsbacka, located approximately 25 km from Gothenburg. It is equipped with a modern department of Car Techniques. Each internship will be supervised by an accompanying teacher who will help the students to carry out all the tasks they have to do. Needs The students usually choose an internship in the familiar context of Flanders, often in a small company, with little guidance and limited perspective of immediate employment after graduation. An internship abroad offers our students the opportunity to get an unique experience, with different working methods and a different company culture. Technical students need to broaden of their horizon and develop their abilities by working abroad and communicating with people in another language. Internships and work placement Through the network of our partner school In Sweden our students can get an internship in one of the best garages near Gothenburg / Kungsbacka. The work of the students usually consists of ‘DIAGNOSIS’ on modern cars using the latest diagnostic equipment and carrying out the right repair according to instructions. Internship Period - 1st year: Sat. Jan. 23. - Sat. Feb. 6. 2016 (actual internship: Mon. Jan. 25 to Fri. Feb. 5). - 2nd year: Sat. Feb. 11. - Sat. Feb. 25. 2017 (actual internship: Mon. Feb.13 to Fri. Feb. 24). Preparation of trainees The trainees are prepared by means of a VTI Partner day with an introductory session by a representative of our partner school, and information evening for parents and students, a pedagogical preparation day, and online manuals on "". Objectives / Expected Results The main aim of the project is to further develop the students’ technical and communicative skills, by offering the students a challenge outside their familiar context. The project will also develop the students’ key attitudes and competences: motivation, self-confidence, social attitude, initiative and creativity, independence, willingness to be mobile, and openness to other cultures. The foreign experience and the certificate "Europass Mobility" will offer the students more opportunities on the European labour market. The project will also contribute to the continuing education of the accompanying teachers. For the school, the contacts with partner schools and training companies will offer points of comparison for its own policies and incentives for innovation. The expertise the school gains from repeatedly organizing internship projects will spread to other schools in Belgium and abroad through projects like "Internship2industry".
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