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VOS - Volunteeri Over Seas
Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

The project VOS- Volunteers Over Seas is designed for helping young people in different countries understand the cultural diversity of different continents and areas but also to encourage personal development of the volunteers by non-formal learning methods. To achieve this, EFM plans to send and host volunteers from Latin America and Europe and to involve them in projects and activities that promote intercultural understanding and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. The project is designed also to motivate young people to work together for social development and in assistance of the local community.The project team will prepare group and individual voluntary services for youngster that come from 11 different countries in Europe and Latin America. All the activities will focus on including people that have different cultural, economical, geographical, religious, social, educational backgrounds, especially youngsters with fewer opportunities. The work of our volunteers will be mainly concentrated in public institutions, like schools, orphanages, social and cultural centers, but also in rural and underdeveloped areas or youth information points. Some of the projects will aim at connecting participants with local youngsters by organizing open air activities: excursions, team-building, ecological work camps.VOS-Volunteer Over Seas is a project that emanates from Poland and involves the following partner countries: Argentina, France, Nicaragua, Lithuania, Mexico, The Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Turkey and Romania. The EVS activities will last from 1 month to 2 months (short term) and from 2 months to 6 months (long term) and will include group and individual services for a number of 87 volunteers (80% with fewer opportunities) from the countries included. The main themes that define VOS are included in the field of social, cultural, educational, ecological work. A special focus will lie on anti¬discrimination and multicultural knowledge, rural development, European and global awareness, youth policies. Based on these themes, EFM through Volunteer Over Seas sets as general objective the following:o To encourage mobility of young people between Europe and Latin America by organizing activities for a number of 87 volunteers (80% with fewer opportunities) in countries from both continents;• To promote active participation in rural and social development by including the participants in local community work;• To diminish the gap between contrasting cultures by creating a multicultural climate for all young people involved in the project;« To stimulate the learning process of young people involved and to fight with discrimination against people with fewer opportunities by providing the surroundings for open dialog and by ensuring extra support for those participants in need (EFM and the other partners will ensure extra mentorship for volunteers with fewer opportunities);• To motivate European and global awareness by including in the project countries fromEurope and Latin America.

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