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Vorbereitung zur Verbesserung der Internationalisierung durch Gründung eines Schüleraustausches
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ERASMUS +summary of our projectBackground of our project:Our project (the organisation of a student exchange) is based on the profile and principles of our school. The Integrierte Gesamtschule Ludwigshafen Gartenstadt (a comprehensive state school) is attended by students of different capabilities and levels of learning as well as of a diversity of cultural backgrounds. In addition, our school is attended by physically and mentally impaired students. Thus, different ways of teaching all capabilities as well as catering for multicultural groups of students and interacting on an intercultural level is part of everyday life at our school.Aims of our project:The exchange should enable students to improve their speaking and writing skills in English by forming and maintaining contacts with speakers of the target language. The expansion of their horizons as well as the development of the students' intercultural competence would be two more important aims of the exchange. Furthermore, we hope that the teenagers' independence will be promoted by a stay abroad.In order to organise and implement an exchange at our school, motivated and competent teachers are needed. Those teachers will coordinate the exchange and communication with our exchange school. They will also do their best to motivate students and prepare them for their stay abroad. By participating in the summer course "Advanced Language and Methodology - English teacher refresher course for secondary teachers", the teachers will have a chance to enhance their knowledge of English, methodology and media skills. Furthermore, the course will be an opportunity to get in touch with teachers from other European countries. This might lead to the organisation of an exchange. Number and profile of the teachers participating in the project: The project will be coordinated by four teachers who, in order to prepare for this task, will be participating in the "ALM" course. The respective teachers teach different age groups and distinguish themselves through their commitment. Among the group of people coordinating the project there is one member of the school administration and the head of the English department.Activities:In preparation for the course, the participants are going to set themselves aims which they would like to achieve by participating. After the course an evaluation meeting with the principal of our school will take place. At a conference, the staff as well as representatives of the parents and student body will be informed about the course and the objectives of our project.Furthermore, the contents of the course will be presented at a conference of the English Department. Thus, we'd like to ensure that the knowledge which has been acquired in the course will be put into practice on a large scale.At the same time, we will form or intensify contacts with an exchange school.The objectives we would like to achieve in class are optimising our teaching methods as well as our classroom English, thus motivating our students. This will lead to the improvement of their knowledge and abilities. Though these aims are particularly important for the students participating in our exchange programme, we hope to achieve a positive effect on all learners of English.(Long-term) objectives of our project:By applying the knowledge of methods, language skills and new media in class, we would like to enhance our students' competence as well as motivation. We also hope that, as a side-effect of our project, English as a subject will gain even more prestige at our school. In addition, our project should contribute to the broadening of our students' horizon.The project would also result in enhancing the attractivity of our school profile.

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