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Volunteers, unemployed, students and people with disabilities together looking for their place in the labor market in Europe.
Start date: May 4, 2015, End date: Sep 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. THE AIMS OF THE PROJECT : The project “Volunteers, unemployed, students and people with disabilities together looking for their place in the labour market in Europe.” is going to be realized in municipality of Milicz also most of the activities will take place in Milicz. It is a small city with 15 000 citizens located in the Lower Silesia region in Poland. According to the project volunteers will work in three host organisations: Association of Disabled Children ( Workshops of Occupational Therapy – working with adults and the rest of the group of young children from 3 to 18 years old ), in community of Milicz (Cultural and Sport Centres, club-rooms around,schools, libraries, swimming pool, gym, fitness centre, Centre of Local Activities) in the county of Milicz ( high schools, ice ring, “Orlik” playgrounds, recreational bay, bicycle roads, the House of Local Aid, the Centre of Education, Centre of Ecological Education). The wide range of potential work places for volunteers can simplify inclusion of young people into decision making process by the end of their work. We would like to create the opportunity for the volunteer to make the decision about  the workplace after visiting those places. We would like them to decide on the each stage of our project about where they want to work and how long for. Another advantage of this approach is the possibility to increase the number of competences, skills and abilities gained from those places during their EVS( even if the activities are not going to be their favourites ). Due to that one of the main aims will be realized - increase chances of volunteers on the labour market by the end of the project as volunteers will learn flexibility and will see many directions of their career development. For example during the Workshops of Occupational Therapy the volunteers will gain the knowledge which can be transferred to the disabled people as well. They will learn elementary carpentry, gardening, how to make specific decorations and even how to organize the work in the kitchen and they will get the knowledge how to work with disabled as a result having a competence to be a caretaker for disabled and sick. 2. THE NUMBER AND PROFILE OF THE CANDIDATES.Project includes 8 organisations four of them have been working together for a long time ( the host organisations and the main organisation, the four are new partners. Mobile Poles Foundation is the main coordinating organisation; The Association of Disabled Children in Milicz, Municipality of Milicz, Community of Milicz are host organisations and 4 sending organisations. 4 volunteers will participate in the project (the profile of the volunteer: open-minded and emphatic, able to work in a group, responsible, with the previous experiences with disabled people and/or with youngsters/ children 3 METHODOLOGY USED IN IMPLEMENTING THE PROJECT: using formal and not formal ways of education. Based on the practices, experiences and activeness of the participant. Fulfilling the tasks and practical activities. Using the principle “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, let me take part so I will understand”. The closer and partner relationships between the teacher and the student. It is less official but based on cooperation and mutual activeness. The “teacher” not only pass the knowledge but he is a mentor and guide. The learning process is flexible and match to the needs of the student. The participant is encouraged to give ideas about how it is going to be and which direction he is going to develop himself. Not formal education demands involvement, consciousness and activeness. The volunteers will be able to decide about the form of their service anywhere it is possible without changing goals which are going to be realized. They will be our partners. 4. THE PREDICTED RESULTS AND IMPACT OF THE PROJECT 1. Improvement and development of the new methods of work of EVS volunteers (language barrier) with disabled people and children 2. To make the everybody aware that (volunteers, disabled people, students in the club – rooms) the barriers can be tackled. The success of work is not a coincidence but a result of the hard and systematic work in accordance with the predispositions of the volunteer in the direction of development. 3. Improving the knowledge, professional, cultural, social and language experience through the all partners of the project ( organisations and volunteers ). Upgrading the potential of social community of Milicz as a natural recipients of the results of the project. 5. THE LONG TERM BENEFITS a) expand chances on the labour market of volunteers and disabled people  to find the work due to unique skills, experiences and the knowledge gained during their participation it the project. b) creating friendly relationships based on respect and trust among the citizens of foreign countries c) amplification of the international potential of organisations
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