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Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Mar 17, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We present the current project for the volunteer application under the European Voluntary Service - Context of the project : In an increasingly global society , this project addresses the need to work actively for the eradication of prejudices and stereotypes about other cultures and nationalities and thus build a European and global citizenship of peace. The motivation to participate in the European Voluntary Service program in which we have participate for several years , is directly connected to the mission of the Servicio Civil Internacional: Service Civil International ( SCI ) is the Spanish branch of the officially registered international movement International Civil Service that since 1920 works for peace and understanding between peoples. The International Civil Service promotes more than 90 years volunteering fields that connect people around the world who wish to pursue a field of volunteerism and local organizations. SCI 's philosophy is that when working voluntarily with people from other cultures or other characteristics bridges cultures and stereotypes tend break. These general aims each year in sending over 300 volunteers collaborate on charitable projects around the world , offering the opportunity for an intense experience of intercultural learning. We also welcome a similar number of foreign volunteers in projects in Spain . - Number and profile of participants : The profile of EVS in SCI is a person with an interest in volunteering to promote multiculturalism and mutual understanding among peoples as a tool for peace. Furthermore, given that our main task is the promotion of local and international volunteers , we attach great importance to the previous experience in volunteering in any association or local initiative working on environmental, social and / or cultural issues. Because we believe in SCI vital good accompaniment to each EVS welcome in our organization, we welcome this announcement only a volunteer in this project EVS Shift 1 we apply for voluntary Spezie Anna , of Italian nationality. - Description of activities and methodology: European Voluntary Service Project of the International Civil Service The EVS is a fundamental tool aimed at promoting the exchange of European and international volunteering as a tool for peace education through intercultural learning. The project objective is to bring volunteers of different nationalities and cultures to the group of volunteers from SCI , as we consider valuable learning and intercultural exchange that occurs when people from different cultures work voluntarily. The activities planned in the project, will hand the agenda of SCI . Volunteers work together to support professionals and volunteers active in the development of the annual cycle . Volunteer may also adapt their activity to their motivations and interests and choose to work more actively and make distribution as time collaboration . - Results , impact, and potential long-term benefits : Through EVS project we want to encourage the exchange among European youth exchange through volunteer experiences . Thus we know that the impact of the project between our volunteers and young Spaniards with European concerns is of great importance because the SVE is a model and example to all those who come to our organization. Equally important and profound long-term impact is the opportunity to actively participate and for long periods , in social organizations of the characteristics of SCI . Believe that this exchange can be a very enriching for them and to build a peaceful society example and experience. From this project we want to make our contribution to the European project as they continue to create generations of young ambassadors of European peace and intercultualidad definitely the best long-term benefit we can bring to the earth and humanity.
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