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VOlunteers Initiative for Combating Exclusion
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Primavera85’ was born in 1985 at the initiative of volunteers and parents of people with disabilities eager to support the latter and effectively respond to their needs. The overall objective of Primavera85 is a promotion of human development and social integration ensuring each person is able to exercise his/her rights avoiding exclusion, fostering tolerance and understanding, contributing to well-being and cohesion of the community. It becomes possible engaging with public and private actors of the territory, aspiring solidarity and raising awareness on the importance of integration and support to rehabilitation to people in need. The significant experience of the cooperative developed in a self-sustainable structure with results of its work well recognized within the community and beyond motivated us to develop the project. We would like to share with volunteers our knowledge and experience accumulated through 30 years of assisting people with disabilities in their daily activities, as well as to learn from them. The cooperative is opened and welcome new ideas allowing to improve the ways of addressing target groups needs, allowing, at the same time, to enrich them through intercultural exchange. This will create not only opportunities of learning, but will contribute to provision of improved assistance to those in need providing the latter with possibility to interact with people form other European countries through pursuing 3 main objectives of the project:1. providing volunteers with knowledge, competences and skills necessary to carry out social work through first-hand experience under the support of professional supervisors.2. introducing possibility of getting to know local culture and context, while engaging in multicultural dialogue and contributing with their international experience, creating an added value for the services offered and allowing centers' users to learn about other cultures.3. contributing to raising awareness on important social issues at local and international level, and sensibilising society, practicing and improving communication skills of the volunteers. Primavera 85 composed by Center for job training, Are disability and Area Autism with the specific activities elaborated in order to better address the needs of users, develop their occupational and relational capacities through constructing their social identity and giving them greater personal autonomy. The volunteers will be introduced into various areas depending on their interests and capacities and will follow and support staff of the Cooperative in their daily work. 4 volunteers from 4 different countries will take part in the project, selected based on the principles of variety of cultural and educational backgrounds, gender and age balance. Marie from Germany, Sofie from Spain, Antonio from FYROM and Mitre from Serbia will learn about the structure and the work of cooperative, institutional framework and legislation, social policies and sanitary system allowing to learn more about the general context of the country as well as strengthen their knowledge in specific area of their interest. Through this volunteers were able to reflect critically, identify strengths and weaknesses, adhere to our social system and give their inputs for improving inclusion and integration of people with disabilities. On the other hand, they will be able to learn about practices and methods of Primavera transferring these knowledge at local level. During this social and volunteering experience they have acquired new skills and capacities that can be recognized in all the European countries, enriching them professionally, personally and culturally. The project will, therefore, strengthen knowledge and competence of volunteers through practical experience; allow to learn new practices as well as to contribute to the improvement of those already existing, encouraging volunteers initiative; improve their communicational and organizational skills, strengthening responsibility and importance of active citizenship attitude; and acquire greater awareness on multiculturality and diversity. Implementation of this project will positively affect receiving organization as well as local society, as we will be able to enrich our work, methods and practices through intercultural exchange, learning from various experiences and getting acquainted with new perspectives.On the other side, volunteers will be able to bring their experience and broader cultural perspective to their home countries, sharing what they have learnt professionally and personally during their stay in Italy. This interaction and dialogue between volunteers and local actors will allow to enrich personally and culturally both sides fostering recognition of common and shared system of values as well as importance of active European citizenship. This, in turn, will further reinforce the active citizenship at local level, enriched by a concrete international influence.
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