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Volunteers' Initiative Equals the World
Start date: Apr 1, 2012,

The project "VIEW " involves 30 young people, girls and boys, between the age 18 - 30, on equal level, who will have a chance to go abroad as a group or individual person for a short or long period of time.Europejskie Forum Młodzieży (EFM), Poland is going to cooperate in the project with the following countries: Romania, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Togo, Nigeria, Kenya, Italy, Latvia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Nepal, Indonesia.Against social exclusion, the youngsters with fewer opportunities or with difficult social background, will have the possibility to get in contact with a new culture and discover nationalities beyond and inside Europe. Youngsters with mental- or physical disabilities will work with a special support on the activities that they can manage without feeling excluded. In general the project aims on the inclusion and integration of people to the community. The work in inter-cultural groups in a non-formal way will reduce prejudices and raise the awareness and sensitivity for different cultures, nationalities, religions and orientations in general. The volunteers will work together with youngsters in the EFM office, in school and during Euroweek Camps which our organisation organise.The place of the project will be mainly in less developed regions and in the places where the people have to face several problems like very high unemployment and the consequences of poverty like crime or drug- and alcohol abuse. In these regions the life is difficult especially for young people because they often become frustrated, unmotivated and excluded from the local community. The work with the volunteers will increase their self development and give the youngsters new motivation to find a work, to realize own ideas and visions and to integrate into the local community in these regions.
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