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Start date: Mar 1, 2013,

Project is planned to take place in several communities of Kyiv city and will gather 6 volunteers from Poland, Italy and Spain. Voluntary service activities are planned for 12 months, starting from 1st of May, 2013 and will take place mainly in deprived urban areas of Kyiv. The project aims both towards volunteers’ social and personal development, providing them with opportunities for intercultural learning, new skills and abilities development, multilinguism and European awareness as well as organizational and community development – encouraging participation of young people in local communities, promoting active citizenship and encouraging local and international partnership. 6 EVS volunteers will be working independently, in pairs and as a group on various tasks woth following objectives: - stimulation of intercultural learning process and enhancing European values awareness through running information sessions, workshops at local schools, youth centres, - stimulation of active citizenship and participation among Ukrainian youth through volunteering by promoting and organising local volunteer activities with youngsters, - Increase tolerance towards different cultures by learning and accepting cultural differences, - promoting human rights and equality through implementation of anti bullying educational activities at local schools, childcare institutions, - encourage participation of youngsters with fewer opportunities. In addition to abovementioned, EVS volunteers will have opportunity to run sessions on World Heritage for local youth, to promote volunteering with help of social media and sports, to develop & run training modules for school kids, to assist in preparation and implementation of international volunteer workcamps, to help in managing contents of website and Facebook group informing Ukrainian youth about volunteering. Volunteers can take part in fundraising activities, run language clubs, help in local social institutions (orphanages, hospitals etc
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