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Volunteers for inter(sub)cultural awareness in Budapest
Start date: Sep 2, 2014, End date: Aug 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are a freshly accredited EVS hosting organisation, implementing social dialogue, promoting inclusion and equality, providing free access to contemporary art on a local level since 2009. With EVS volunteers we will have the chance to give our activity an international perspective, and promote our partner establishments as a welcoming and useful spot of social dialogue and an inclusive cultural space. We chose to apply for hosting EVS volunteers, because we truly believe in the potential of the youth. Our vision of Europe indicates that such activities need to be on an international level, with the inclusion of universities, university and other students, local and foreign young people. With the above described projects we intend to promote activities that encourage young people to think and act about prejudices, discrimination, to improve inclusion in international as well as local groups, and also to promote some venues as international meeting points (which they already are), where everyone has the chance to implement any kind of academic, cultural and social projects. We want to promote European Voluntary Service as a non formal learning opportunity, a chance to discover new cultures, new people, improve self and learning to solve complex problems and organize complex and long term projects. We want to take advantage on the popularity of these venues among young people, and use this popularity to promote the above mentioned opportunities. For our first EVS project we intend to host two volunteers with different cultural background and experience, that is why we came to choose Slavina Tatraska from Bulgaria (S.O. ICCS) and Bérénice Fuertes from France (S.O. Calliope Europe). Slavina Tatraska is a graduate student in the field of Cultural Studies and Cultural Management most of her studies involved courses in the field of art and different artistic practices. That is why she finds this project valuable for her as a future Art Manager and that she can get a more practical insight how artistic practices and events can develop in time. Second, she is interested in the project, because she feels prepared enough to deal with the tasks of the volunteer. She has experience in organizing exhibitions, gained during her internship in the Center for Culture and Debate ?Red House?, where she assisted for the event management of movie festivals, debates and theatre plays. Slavina also has experience in the preparation and the carrying out of EU projects, acquired during her stay as part of the team of ?EUni Partners?. Bérénice Fuertes is very sensitive to the ?art and culture? themes. Her personal path has been directly linked to the cultural and artistic world for she has been practicing flamenco, classical and contemporary dance for many years, in a school of performing arts as well as in an association. During these years she has been able to develop new knowledge regarding performing arts, to meet artists from various fields and aesthetics, and also to attend many dance, music or theatre shows. The volunteers will be fully involved in long term projects planned and implemented by our team of young people at Azért7. The projects involve planning, implementing and maintaining a Living Library (Human Library) for Erasmus students and local young people, organizing joint cultural events (exhibitions, projection, presentation series, concerts). The project planning involves creative methods like brainstorming, informal meetings with experts and partners, visiting similar events as market research, meeting with university teachers, erasmus office workers, youth workers, venue managers and programmers, graphic designers, musicians. As a result, more foreign and local youngsters will be able to join different social dialogues, learn about people, cities, minorities, inform about the reasons of prejudices, intolerance, ignorance, be aware of the opportunities of being a European volunteer, and volunteering in general. The projects are intended to accomplish our vision of an accepting, inclusive and tolerant international meeting point in the heart of Budapest, where young people are free to come with questions, advices, plans and motivations. We want our organisation to become a regular destination for EVS volunteers, a place where they can learn, fulfill visions and plans while working for a better society and livable region. We also want to use this period to learn and improve our ability to host and send volunteers throughout europe and the world.
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