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Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The venue of the project is Braga, Portugal. The type of activity is a training course (TC). The themes of the TC are: to be acquainted with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Compass, human rights manual of Council of Europe as tool for human rights; To recognise cultural diversity as fundamental aspect of human rights education; Development of skills, knowledge and attitudes concerning volunteering activities in the field of Human Rights; The European Youth Strategy „Investing and empowering young people” and its impact on humanitarian work carried out by volunteers; To practice the human rights in everyday life through voluntary activities and using social media as tool of recognition; To consider what kind of influence media have on people in local, national and international levels.With this project we would like to show participants that Human Rights are not written articles, but an obligation as human beings, which has to be recognized and fulfilled. We, as volunteers, would like to find a way to approach the youngsters, to pay their attention that lack of understanding of Human Rights is, many times, the basis for hate, conflicts and suffering. Do we realize that we hurt other people, especially those integrated in different social groups and subcultures, people who make different calls and choices than the majority or simply those who were born in a different environment? This is why we would like to gain the knowledge and abilities to prevent and ameliorate such situations through our volunteer work. In one hand we try to affect the behaviour of majority, and on the other hand, improve inclusion of discriminated groups and discover how media should work within these two areas. We will try to find where the roots of disrespect and breaches of human right are and understand their origin in different issues (sexual orientation, faith, upbringing or in disability dissimilarities). Learning objectives of the training course are: - To foster the understanding of human rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human rights with special focus on cultural aspects as diversity, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination; - To clarify the challenges of humanitarian work and basic human rights; - To enhance knowledge on the objectives of European Youth Strategy „Investing and empowering young people” with special focus on fields of actions „volunteering” and „youth and the world” and its influence on human rights; - To share and explore different actions and tools for recognition and respect of cultural differences within human rights context in local and international levels; - To provide different types of active participation for by and with young people as local volunteers in practicing and discovering human rights in their local communities; - To prepare, run and evaluate local human rights voluntary actions and make its’ recognition through social media in local and European context; - To find partners and prepare international youth projects with special focus on volunteering and human rights according to the proposals of new programme Erasmus +. The duration of the activity is 8 full working days. The project time itself is 7 months. The involved countries are: Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Ukraine. The number of participants is 37. The methodology of the seminar will be based on non formal education. We will improve the cultural awareness and expression, social and civic competences, sense of initiatives and entrepreneurship, digital competence, communication skills, management and organisational skills and self – esteem. Methods: self – assessment, theoretical and practical background, working in small groups, pairs, national and mixed groups, role plays, group building activities, field activity, creative and interactive methods.

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