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Start date: 01 Mar 2012,

Youth unemployment rate is reaching 40% in many countries and according to Eurobarometer studies on European youth it claims that slightly less than five young Europeans take part in voluntary activities. A very competitive market and high unemployment rate are influencing youth's lack of interest towards the society and other challenges EU faces today. We believe that the current situation creates a limited possibilities for young people to be active in promoting participation, social cohesion, inclusion, diversity, values that lead us closer to peaceful Europe.We want to address this problem by increasing the importance of volunteering as a tool to develop young people’s responsibility for social matters and importance of increasing employability which is important in creating a quality and independent life for young people. Those 2 elements (volunteering, employability) are very important in developing social cohesion and understanding in Europe. Hereby the Pitagoreus’ theorem was used as a paradigm to show this connection. The main aim of the 31st YEU International Youth Convention (first such event was organised in 1983 in Germany) is to create a space for 40 young people from 8 countries with disadvantaged background to develop a better understanding regarding the role of volunteering and employability in fostering social cohesion, increase active participation and tolerance among youth.During the stay in Italy, participants will have a chance to get in touch with Italian lifestyle and receive an input about volunteering and employment and its influences on social cohesion and tolerance especially. All outcomes will come from mixed groups in sense of different countries, some of people will come form minorities in country where they live, different sexual orientation, religious orientation, disabilities, etc. Program is attached to the application.
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