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Volunteering? Yes, we can!
Start date: Aug 1, 2011,

The Group EVS project entitled "Volunteering? Yes, we can!" will be implemented from the association Beyond Barriers in Tirana, Albania for a period of 10 months, starting in 1 October 2011 and ending in 31 July 2012 (10 months), with the participation of 4 volunteers from Italy and Portugal. The aim of this project is to promote volunteerism as an added value to today's society and the life of youngster. Also in a wider sense contributing, to the development of youth participation, exchange of information and especially inclusion growth through offering possibilities of participation for youngsters with fewer opportunities. The main themes of this project are Volunteerism in terms of EYV and the sustainability of the new Local Volunteer Centre of Tirana, as well as, inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities and information exchange. Intercultural learning, non formal education and learning by doing approaches will ensure an intercultural dimension to the project and the self development of the volunteers. The activities to be implemented from the 4 EVS volunteers will help in achieving the goal and the objective set for this project. The main activities that the EVS volunteers will carry out during the project are:1. Supporting the sustainability and continuation of the first Local Volunteer Centre of Tirana, that isnewly established during 20112. Assisting and social animating for children with learning difficulties in a special school of Tirana,.3. Providing to youngsters with fewer opportunities, possibility to learn foreign languages, basiccomputer skills and space for recreational and integration activities.4. Promoting Local Volunteering among youngsters in Albania, through EVS experience and YiAprogram, as strong tools and positive testimonials.5. Preparing and issuing the Newsletter of the association, as well as updating the
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