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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We have set off an international project journey with six partner schools from Turkey,Bulgaria,Hungary,Poland,Italy,Spain.120 students and 110 teachers will have opportunities to work in an international voluntary platform actively during the mobilities of the project and the transnational project meetings. Firstly, we aim to involve Low-skilled pupils taking voluntary service and taking part in voluntary services and serve volunteering and donated work which consist of the activities in different ways such as in Social, environmental, cultural, educational and healthy life fields. We would like the pupils to have volunteering spirit which is one of the ways of providing social changings by taking initiative without expecting a benefit .We also aim to create an awareness of the importance of learning by experience and the values of volunteering. We will have a chance to get knowledge about different volunteering implementations and policy of EU countries . We will give a message to societies that the best service is sincere one without a benefit.We'd like to teach that helping others will ensure to help ourselves,too.We will develop humanistic approaches by creating empathy,sensibility,good intention and wishes in the way of being good European citizens. Our volunteers will serve volunteering on social service field and get knowledge about the methods of it.All partners will be responsible for different fields of volunteering. As Environmentally, We would like to have a new generation to be a friend to nature , save their environment and be aware of the global threats for nature. We plan to encourage people to do recycling. As Culturally, We intend to make cultural integration of the students who are immigrant and have cultural conflict with the society .We will provide to introduce different cultures in cultural diversity,create mutual understanding, love, respect, tolerance among different cultures and beliefs ,work together internationally to break the prejudices, barriers, stereotypes of the people to different cultures and life styles by volunteering. As Socially,We will serve volunteering work and organise charity work with official reports like a concert, handcrafts bazaar and donation for the poor, the elderly people,homeless, disabled people,the orphans and,the street animals, the children having insufficient education in rural in order to develop the sense of solidarity. On Healthy life,We are also volunteers to encourage people to have a healthy and qualified life supporting people to do sports, have a balanced nutrition and give up bad and harmful habits for our lives. As Educationally,We would like to promote our students’ and the staff’s foreign language and ICT skills a higher level. We would like to give language courses to provide warmer dialogue among the pupils, parents, teachers. We intend to reduce early school leaving by giving courses to low-skilled pupils by skillful voluntary pupils as a peer education. İn addition,the low-skilled pupils will teach their language to the participants and it promotes their school performance,social skills and basic skills in a high level. We will focus on educating and raising awareness of the local people about cultural, social, environmental problems by being given seminars to them. Our project activities and outputs are innonative,transferable,comprehensive,inhouse and suitable for European Dimension. Project Toy, song,t-shirt,calendar, project school booklet,final booklet, 6 languages handbooks are some results. We will implement some methods such as group work ,Lecture method, audio- visual presentation,observing,interviewing,brainstorming ,small group discussions, Public events, round table discussion , workshop,courses,seminars, survey ,life long learning We will look at these problems through the same window in a great international cooperation with the participation of the teachers, students, parents and local institutions, civil society associations.Target groups such as low-skilled pupils,immigrants,socio-ecomomical disadvantaged people will also be involved in the project. The pupils will grow up as problem solver, creative, open- minded, helpful, selfconfident, enterprising, peaceful, responsible,respectful as new generation of ours and EU 's citizens.They will also get a chance to develop their communication ,social,language and ICT skills and Key competencies. This project also promotes the sense of European identity, awareness of multilingual and cultural diversity. We will disseminate our project through Project Web Page,Etwinning,school website and social media and other channels. Our experiences and qualifications in European dimension will make benefits in the labour market and education life in EU and be a good investment for our future. We expect a long term friendship with the partners .

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