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Volunteering -Intercultural learning
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Intercultural learning experience will be provided for youth by the coordinatorship of Sarıyer Municipality through Volunteering - Intercultural Learning Project developed in cooperation with Vertigem NGO as part of European Voluntary Service Programme. 5 teenagers who will perform AGH and are open to learning during project will gain a positive approach to other cultures through multicultural and multilingual environments provided by home organization. Project will establish an intercultural dialogue between teenage volunteers on European level and reinforce the sense of tolerance and understanding for diversity. This project intends to develop several formative actions in the intercultural sphere that beside the multidisciplinary role (environmental resource approach, citizenship, habits and good environmental practices) set a common axle that is the environmental protection, tolerance and the increase of life quality. In the other hand the project has several activities such as environmental awareness and interpretation actions, a centre of environmental service, biological goods, packing and clothes reutilization which main goal is the connection with the local community that is indispensable for the project success. Our target and intention is to provide an unorthodox intercultural learning and experience environment (with common methods of learning) for teenagers by making them participate to environment friendly studies and outdoor activities together with volunteers, and to encourage their social integrations, active participations and to provide them new communication ways to express themselves. Examples of activities that volunteers will take part in are: The activities proposed establish connection in three sources( leisure, educational and labour), aiming at the contact and direct experience with the environment in rural area and have as main goals: Promote environmental awareness, in order to engage in the community good practical environmental norms; To develop areas of information, awareness and enhance good practical environmental norms; Providing opportunities for training and education for young people with interest in ecology, nature, biodiversity and opportunity to learn several techniques that will allow to work in the environmental area; Contribute for building international volunteering, to provide to the volunteers a new way of living; Cultural exchange and create interest about other cultures; Promote social inclusion, to increase the self-esteem, the self- confidence of youth; Support the groups in the prevention of fire in forests and reforestation; Promote values of respect, tolerance and equality. Opportunities such as all activities and language support provided in the project that make teenagers more equipped would help volunteers to improve themselves and would improve the contribution to civil society by extending the scope of volunteering awareness in medium term. When the long-term is considered, the most important contribution of the project is to overcome prejudices between different cultures and to provide cultural intimacy.
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