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Volunteering activities to boost a culture
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Main focus: A promotion of an education, workshops and researches on the field of new dance and physical theater. (available to Slovak and foreign dancers) The objectives, the impact and long-term benefits: Local, regional impact: NP expressed a need for an organization where dancers from Bratislava and around Slovakia could find the base for their professional development and support and to create space for their creative process, self-presentation and research on the field of contemporary/new dance and physical theater. (a promotion of an education, weekend or weekly workshops, researches, works in progress for professional dancers and actors, an education for amateur dancers or for dancers of other styles) Local, regional, national impact: NP expressed an idea of organizing performances of well-known Slovak and foreign dancers and choreographers in order to familiarize the public with their names and activities. (a promotion of contemporary/new dance and physical theatre and a boost to the public awareness) Local impact: NP also expressed the idea of organizing the clasess of contemporary/new dance, physical theater and dancing yoga for the public familiarizing them with the new branches of dance - new dance and physical theater that are unknown to the Slovak public yet. (a boost to the public awareness of contemporary dance and physical theatre, their activation though regular classes, a promotion of active life) Local, regional and national and a possible European impact: The future visions leading to a cooperation with dance schools in Bratislava or around Slovakia where young future dancers can realize their potentials and get to know with Slovak or foreign dancers renowned in abroad at the weekly or weekend dancing workshops or researches and to gain new experience on the field of new dancing styles and techniques. ( a promotion of a future Slovak dancers in abroad, their confrontation with the European dancers, gaining a new experience with professional work of performers and choreographers and the confrontation with the demands of the foreign dancing scene) The methodology: A sending organization (3 members - Antoaneta Ivanova /President/, Tatiana Mrugova, Stefan Alievikj /members/) : to give possible volunteers a chance to discover new cultures (the deepening of a cultural understanding and tolerance between the nations), to give professional support, to give them a chance to broaden their personal horizons that can be benefical for their furture life steer. A hosting organization (5 members - Katarína Brestovanská /Chairman and Executive Director/, Silvia Zámečníková /Vice Chairman/, Katarína Trnavská, Veronika Dúbravská, Eva Judová, volunteers - Kei Mimakiová /a professional dancer/, Anna Buranovská) : the deepening of the cultural understanding between the cultures, the development of a culture in Slovakia, bringing new visions and new views to the problems of a cultural awareness, a running of the non-profit organization in Slovakia, a personal support within NP team A volunteer: a contact with another cultural background, gaining new social contacts and relationships, brodeaning of volunteer´s horizons by gaining new skills and competences offered by NP during the participation at their activities and by giving a space and support for volunteer´s own ideas and projects Target groups: professional dancers and actors (by giving them a space for their personal realization through performances, researches), future professional dancers and actors or amateur dancers (by giving them a chance for further education and confrontation with the European dancing scene through weekend and weekly workshops, through a participation at dancing researches, by giving them a space for their creative process and a presentation of their works in progress, by broadening their horizons on the field of dance and physical theatre) and the public (a promotion of the contemporary dance and physical theatre, activation of the audience through regular classes, a promotion of active life) Volunteer's stay period: 1st of March 2015 - 28th of February 2016 Possible activities for the volunteers: - a web contact management of our web site (editing, posting, using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) - administrative tasks in the office (gaining useful skills during the participation of various projects, an organization of dancing workshops, classes or performances) - the cooperation with or other organization - the realization of own projects with our personal and technical support - an edition of texts in English or other language - a practical team work and project management experience - gaining new contacts and comunicating in English with various foreign performers and directors of the theatres and festivals - discovering own potential and using it to the benefits of all
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