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Volunteer Messenger - STEP 2
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

The 6-day training for trainers held in Lviv, Ukraine for 41 representatives of different member organisations of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations follows up the Volunteer Messenger project and Flagship tour of the Alliance of Voluntary Service Organisations which took place in 2011 aiming to evaluate the experience and plan the “Volunteer Messenger Campaign 2013”.This project was an original project that was inspired by young people participating in the working groups and External Relation Committee of the Network. They felt the need to go deeper into the meaning of volunteering and its values and investigate ways to promote it. Volunteer messenger is a person who spreads the “message” about volunteering, values and aims of International Voluntary Service using non formal education methods, and through mentoring and peer-to-peer support.The “message” aims to increase awareness about volunteerism, its values, and to provide young people with information about opportunities that exist for them witin the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations activities. The objectives - To evaluate the results of “Volunteer Messenger Project” and “Flagship Tour” of Alliance- To Plan the “ Volunteer messenger information campaign”- To provide young people interested in being the “Volunteer messengers” with information and tools that can be used in the non formal education activities they will do;- To increase awareness about voluntarism; - To create the workshops/module that can be used in the Volunteer Messenger Project. After the training participants will plan, monitor and evaluate the information campaign in their countries. They will visit local international voluntary service projects organised by their organisations and will deliver workshops for the participants to let them explore the meaning of volunteering and the link between their project and the needs of the local community.

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