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Volunteer Management in European Parks
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

This project provides an invaluable opportunity to advance existing approaches to Lifelong Learning (LL) through conservation volunteering at a European level and to find means of consolidating such approaches as integrative parts of protected areas' volunteer management (vm).The level of vm in European parks, that promotes LL of volunteers, varies depending on countries and parks. Therefore, the project partners:1. intend to disseminate innovation and good practice in the field of vm 2. see clearly a need to collectively develop innovative measures that - in the European context - upgrade learning opportunities in the context of volunteering. This common intention correlates the ideas of LL as well as of cross-border nature conservation.Outputs, results, products- Trainings (for volunteer coordinators (vc) in European protected areas, who manage, supervise and teach volunteers; ongoing exchange of vm material and methods- Innovative learning material for vc in European parks - Exemplary combined working/learning opportunities in parks for foreign volunteers and park employers for mutual tutoring, enhancing expertise, life skills and practical skills- Quality standards for professional vm in European parks- Awareness-raising national seminars in the "Year of Volunteering" 2011 focussing on volunteering and LL- Report on benefits of volunteering in parks on local communities and volunteers, especially referring to LLImpact-Progress in professionalizing vm in European parks that is sustainable and supports LL of volunteers- Vital network of skilled vc in parks in Europe, consulting and supporting each other and training new co-ordinators- Skilled volunteers in parks with broadened horizons referring to citizenship, ecology, culture, social cohesion, etc.- Higher park awareness of the value of volunteering for LL that leads to future promotion of vm

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