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Volunteer! Let's become a superhero!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Volunteer! Let's become a superhero!” gives four young Roma and non Roma persons the opportunity to live and engage in the local community and projects in Budapest ifor 12 months. The volunteers will work together with the diverse staff of our organization. They will take part in projects addressing non-formal education, volunteering and activism against racism and antigypsyism. They are going to contribute to the success of the project with their own experiences and ideas and they are going to benefit from opportunities of a new life experience, intercultural learning, non-formal education, and new language skills. The project will give the volunteers the opportunity to experiment themselves in different activities and to find their own focus of activity including the realization of their own project ideas in a safe space with individual support. As a result they are going to feel encouraged to express and realize their own ideas and opinions with more confidence. As aCoordinating and Hosting organization we aim to enable a unique, intensive and creative experience for the volunteers with diverse service and learning opportunities. We would like to give the volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the Roma minority, and about strategies to challenges stereotypes and racism. We engage in EVS, as we believe volunteers can make with their own creativity, initiative, skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds an important contribution and enrich our local work with a European dimension. The volunteer will be strongly involved in our team, and will engage in a meaningful field of work in our organization, which suits the interests and skills of the volunteer. RGDTS follows the aim to challenge stereotypes and racism. Stereotypes and racism are the root causes of social exclusion and marginalization of Roma. As Roma and non-Roma we want to create equal opportunities for all young people in our societies, especially through giving equal access to voluntary service. We aim to enable an intensive and creative experience for our volunteers with diverse service and learning opportunities, which provide them a chance to meet people from different social and cultural backgrounds, and to gain experiences of intercultural communication and teamwork. We would like to give the volunteers the opportunity to learn more about the Roma minority and about our culture in order to break down prejudices and stereotypes. We open for the volunteers to engage in different working fields of our organization such as non-formal education and youth work on the grassroots level. The first three months serve as an orientation phase where volunteers are encouraged to intensively learn the new language, and to get to know the different dimensions, concepts and objectives of our work, as well as our local, national and international networks. In the second phase the volunteers will find and develop together with the supervisor a more focused service field based on the relevant projects of the organizations and on the interests and skills of the volunteer. The volunteers will be encouraged to develop their own small-scale project or initiative, which they will realize in the last phase, the last two-three months of the project. Moreover, at the end the volunteers will be supported to promote the European Voluntary Service among other young people in our project environment, to share their experiences online through different networks and social media, and to think about initiatives and possibilities to continue their engagement for the dialogue among Roma and non-Roma in the future after the end of the project.
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