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Volunteer(ing) is IN!
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

The aim of the "Volunteer(ing) is IN!" training course is to train youth workers, coordinators and leaders, current or future Volunteer coordinators and mentors to prepare, run and evaluate the learning process and competence development of young people with fewer opportunities within the framework of volunteer management. Volunteering is a crucial aspect of active involvement and empowerment of young people with fewer opportunities, especially during economic recession. It allows young people to acquire experience and competence within a safe environment, having guidance and help in carrying out their tasks.During the 6 day training course hosted by the Educational Centre of Roma from Serbia, 24 participants from Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Albania, Turkey, Ukraine, Malta and Serbia will learn to identify needs and competencies of young people with fewer opportunities. What their organisations can offer to develop; acquire information about various youth programmes for involvement of young people in future projects; introduce recognition mechanism of non-formal learning; learn, collect and share best-practises of the field; all in a practical, learning-by-doing manner. As an end product, the project also aims in creating an electronic publication as a resource pack with useful, creative and innovative methods on how to involve volunteers in the work of organizations, to help other organizations interested in involving volunteers and to adopt volunteer management in their work.
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