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Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Jul 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Educational Department is one of the departments of The Municipality of Lidköping This department runs a lot of international activities every year. We strongly believe that we belong to a global world and to be able to meet the future you have to be prepared with a lot of intercultural knowledge Our department has an international office that?s support two adult schools in the municipality of Lidköping. This means that this office is supporting about 3 800 students/learners and 350 staff. Since Sweden joined the European Union in 1995 we have been arranging a lot of Youth in Action activities as we believe in the power of intercultural meetings between young people. As it is now international exchanges are an imported tool to develop our organization Every year our organization conducts about 50 different international projects. We have a belief that people learn a tremendous amount by participating in various international projects. It is knowledge and understanding of differences such xenophobia, racism, language, intercultural learning, strengthens self-confidence, greater self-reliance, community building, and much more. This knowledge might otherwise be very difficult to learn if you have not participated in any of these international projects. In our international exchange program, we always have special priority to young people with various disabilities because there is a group otherwise often would be disadvantaged in society today. We have seen amazing results that these youngsters have done over the years and this has really strengthened our belief that we have focused on target group with great needs Our exchange programmes are based on sustainable development formal, non formal learning, informal, experiential learning and empowerment. We also work hard with the Key competences for lifelong learning as they are a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the context. They are particularly necessary for personal fulfillment and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment Our aim is to prepare people for the labor market so that they are able to get a job and be able to have an independent life Since we started 10 years ago we are very happy about the success that most of the youngsters have had after been working in our organization. Quite a few of them has got a job in Sweden after finish their stay here, some of them have got a job in their home country based on the skills that they have got here in Sweden. The activities that they have been doing here various a lot because each one of the volunteers have had the ability to choice in what area they want to develop themself and their skills. Another development in our organization that has been very interesting is to see how much better many of our co-workers have been in English. This by all the conversations they had with the volunteers through the years We are eager to give young people a different possibility of going abroad, of developing and of gaining exerience we are willingly to support the EVS exchange as hosting, sending and coordinating organisation. It is a great chance for a volunteer to not only learn other languages, but also to get to know other cultures - from the project and in their private life. The volunteer will explore own borders and find solutions for different obstacles or problems. He/she could as well get a different view on his/her former life or find a completely new orientation of interests To learn how to take care of themselves and to take over responsibility is an important step during the EVS. We would like to offer different topics that the volunteer can improve or in which he/she can start getting knowledge and skills, e.g. leadership, international cooperation, non formal and informal education, supporting learners with learning disabilities, working with ducumentation with film and photo, computer skills, different types of sports like skating, floor ball, skiis and organizational skills as trips, concerts, exhibitions and international exchanges. On the other hand Campus Lidköping and its staff would like the volunteer to contribute with his/her mentality, culture, language experiences and ideas to a good atmosphere. We would like that the volunteer would give The Department of Education and Campus Lidköping a lot of new spirit and a different point of view We divide the volunteers tasks in three parts. Only studies that consist of 5 days (half-time studies) Swedish language tuition per week during the first 6 months. Then the volunteer can choose by his own how much he wants to study. Part two consists of Office work with various international projects. Administrative and practical work in sending and receiving international projects This also includes the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the different projects. Part three is a variety of tasks and areas where the volunteer would develop their own: there may be courses in film and photo etc

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