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Voluntary Blood Donation in Rhodope (RHO-DONATE)
Start date: Mar 29, 2011, End date: May 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the Project was to implement, with the use of the modern technological equipment, voluntary blood donations in the cross border area and raise peoples awareness on blood transfusion safety issues. More specifically the Project was concerned with the development of cross border co-operation on the grave issue of preventing the transmission of diseases derived from blood transfusion and promoting safe voluntary blood donation through awareness campaigns on safety issues, informative brochures, guides, audio visual materials, seminars and public events.Objectives of the Project were the following • Promotion of the idea of voluntary blood donation. • Development of collaboration in matters regarding prevention of transmission of infections that are related to blood transfusion between the neighbouring countries. • Informing the population about the prevention of spreading infections and the need of voluntary blood donation. The Projects main objective was to promote voluntary blood donation as a safe procedure, both for the physician and for the volunteer.• Exchange of opinions in issues regarding promotion of organised, (and not compensative) Voluntary Blood donation. • Exchange of opinions in issues regarding safety of transfusions, boost of blood donation services of Bulgaria in an effort to develop a system suitable for the recording and analysis of undesirable incidents during transfusion (haemo-alertness). Achievements: Results and impactThe quantitative and qualitative benefits by this Project are very significant and the regional health system of the two crossborder areas was upgraded so that a high level of health standard is enjoyed by the local population. Therefore through this project the following positive outcomes emerged:• Creation of a core of fully conscious and active blood donors• Spread of safe practices of voluntary blood donation (safe transfusions).• Promotion of the idea of non-compensative blood donation.• Development of the necessary system for recording and analyzing the undesirable incidents during the transfusion (haemo-alertness) , especially for the Bulgarian side.• Collaboration between the public and also between the voluntary non-governmental organizations of the selected regions regarding the development of good practices and the spreading of knowledge and experience.BenefitsThe real added value of the Project is that through the sensitization on blood donation, the number of blood donors has increased on both sides, especially in Bulgaria and blood donation is more widely accepted. Identification of main features of good practicesThe main aspects that make this project a good-practice are the following:• Improved health care through the upgrade of the regional health system of the 2 cross border areas and their increased co-operation.• Promotion of safe practices of voluntary blood donation
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