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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ‘Youth leisure Volunteering’ have been developed for 12 months in the town of Maracena (Andalucía-Granada-Spain). Throughout our project we have received volunteers from several countries, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, Grecia. With their participation they have helped to promote the development of our community through a series of activities with information, entertainment, and youth training. These volunteers have been supported by non-formal education techniques, to be held indoors and outdoors activities, therefore promoting healthy habits, dynamics of participatory democracy, cultural exchange and mutual understanding... mainly in "espacio joven", a youth centre which aims the education of the youth of Maracena. Thanks to this project and with the help of the European volunteers, we have achieved other of the main aims of the youth centre: to encourage the youngsters of Maracena to reflect on the importance of European programmes and European citizenship. We wanted to make the presence of these volunteers an example to encourage our youngsters to become more involved in and out of our town; to be more self-motivated, to be more aware of their possibilities and the role which they have to play in creating a new and better future for all. Therefore, the volunteers got involved in activities with our young local volunteers (municipal Camps, language exchanges, dissemination of information, sports, youth mobility, European awareness, ...), applying therefore a multiplier and network effect which benefit all our youngsters and ultimately our city. Specifically, these are the aims that were settled: - To promote the active citizenship of the youth and their European awareness in particular, strengthen the European values such us democracy, solidarity, social justice.... and in special, the equality between men and women. - To promote the solidarity and the tolerance between the youth to reinforce the European cohesion - To encourage the mutual understanding among youngsters between different countries - To contribute to improve the quality of supporting systems in the activities with the youth, promoting their ability of entrepreneurship and their potential in the field of youth - To encourage the cooperation between European countries in the youth field The activity plan of the project was developed by the team of professionals responsible for EVS in Maracena together with youth organizations collaborating in the project, and with the collaboration of the German and Czech initial partner organizations, based on our experiences and analyzing needs, strengths and weaknesses. Between all these, we highlight the following: - Dissemination of information among / youth through information campaigns as, advertising and participation in the activities of the Youth Space with other youth in the municipality. - Revitalisation of social networks. - Collaboration with the Eurodesk Network, broadcasting international news in the municipality. - Support for international projects. - Language Exchange with youth in the municipality.   Participation in recreational and revitalization environmental educational activities (especially the Municipal Colonies 2015), cultural, sports and organized from the Youth Space Maracena. - Support and collaboration with other associations and public bodies. However the foregoing, the project had a major setback. Due to a number of circumstances (which already comprise the National Agency), mainly maladjustment by the volunteers from Germany, and the Czech Republic to the operating rules of our organization and what we consider basic principles of EVS, such volunteers had to give up her volunteering, ending it on the 14th of June of 2015. After the necessary arrangements could got into contact with two new organizations (one Portuguese and one Greek), so we have three new volunteers for project implementation. After the completion thereof, and as expected, both new voluntary and the City of Maracena acquire multiple benefits. Voluntary emotions lived a full educational experience, discovered a new country and a new fully integrated city where, in addition to serving as an example for the young and old of Maracena, motivating them and encouraging them to participate in European mobility programs

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