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Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jan 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT: The municipality of Curtis is a local public body, located in Galicia, east of the province of La Coruna in Spain. It has two urban areas (Curtis and Teixeiro) and several towns, where the total population is 4200 inhabitants. Because of its location in a rural area, the city of Curtis seeks to promote European mentality, especially our youth and increase youth participation and promote cultural diversity in the city. So the objective of having more intercultural relations will settle in the minds of the people. Therefore, the municipality, a few years is carrying out projects within the previous European program "Youth in Action", with the completion of two projects Participatory Democracy and one of EVS, as well as participation in several youth exchanges . Since then, youth participation has increased considerably, which we want to continue in this line. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF VOLUNTEERS The number of volunteers was two, both from Ukraine. In terms of profile, they did not have a defined profile, were selected basically because they were enthusiastic, dynamic and motivated with the project. DESCRIPTION ACTIVITIES It was planned that the activities were for 12 months from 3 September 2014 until September 2, 2015, but due to visa and disease, their arrival was delayed until 27 December 2014. The project ended for one of the girls of the day December 26, 2015, as was planned (12 months), but for other volunteer ended on December 7, 2015, as a result of problems which arose, that it will be explained later. The tasks they had to do was divided into two areas: the first focused on assisting in the activities organized by the municipality for the youngest; the second focused on helping in the organization of the event, which created the council each year. In the first area helped in the following activities: -Workshop Memory (dementia prevention): This activity helped elders to perform exercises to improve memory throught cards and games. -Workshop Computer: collaborated in classes helping children who were lagging behind or who had doubts. This activity for older people is also offered. -English-Workshop: they collaborated in the workshops that were given to children from both localities. This activity for older people is also offered. -Camps during the Christmas holidays, Easter and summer: they helped monitors in the implementation and accompaniment activities: crafts, cooperative and non-sexist games, storytelling, didactic outings ... In the second area: -The volunteers helped in organizing of these: Fair nabiza and Cheese Mushroom Festival, Christmas, Carnival, Horse Festival... helping in the decoration and in the development of them. We have also allowed each volunteer create their own activity in the project: Darina Desiateryk has created a film club where parts of historical films were seen and then analyzed together; and Vira Selentii has created a quilling workshop where participants have learned to work this type of craft that is not implemented in our area. ACHIEVED RESULTS AND IMPACT The results obtained and the impact on the population has been the increase in participation in the activities involving voluntary as well as the interest in European program Erasmus + There will also be a change in the mentality of the population, which will be more open when it comes to meeting new cultures and people. LONG TERM BENEFITS The long-term benefits were to continue to apply to new projects EVS to follow the results and keep people active in the more open-minded to new people and other countries.
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