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Voices of Diversity - Kurdische Jugendliche erheben ihre vielfältigen Stimmen gegen die mediale und politische Instrumentalisierung von Migrant_innen und Geflüchteten in Europa
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Apr 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ''Voices of Diversity – Kurdish adolescents raise their diverse voices against the medial and political instrumentalisation of immigrants and refugees'' emerged from the urgent need to integrate young people in political processes in which their life gets discussed and decided since many young people in Europe are objects of this policy. In our project, adolescents from two european countries become the protagonists. Therefore, Dutch and German adolescents with Kurdish roots inform themselves about the mode of operation and coherences between modern media and its impact on the political and social formation of opinion by which they are directly affected in four conceptionally varying training measures which are build on one another. In order to overcome the helplessness towards the medial spin, we will support young people, adolescents with migration background and young refugees in Germany and the Netherlands in particular, in making themselves heard in the political dialogue and public discourse in favour of living up to the diversity in Europe. In order to accomplish this, they will be tutored in how to get involved in the politicial and medial discourse and share their knowledge and experience with local, national and european experts and decision makers.The beginning is marked by the training academy which will take place in fall 2016 in Hagues. This is a gathering of around 30 young people between 16 and 30 years from Germany and the Netherlands, who are partly already active at local scale. The relevance of the diversity approach for NGO's will be privotal: How can NGO's as representatives of interests have an impact on the formation of society? Thereby, the adolescents will start a medial campaign instructed by qualified employees, methodically prepared by a trainer from a foundation together with a public relations expert. The Training Academy will be held in The Hagues to make a visit of institutions in Brussels possible. During our Academy of Diversity which takes place in Berlin 24 younger adolescents belonging to the age group of 13 to 16 years discuss the topics of diversity and experiences of marginalization by use of age-appropriate methods. Furthermore they have conversations with decision makers about their experiences. Apart from the usage of measures containing experiential education, the participants will be sensitised for the diversity in society with the aid of the Anti-Bias approach and learn by diverse playful and creative methods to perceive the reality more aware of prejudices and to emphatically deal with other people‘s experiences of marginalization. In which form the results will be secured will be decided by the organising team on site.Based on the above-mentioned academies, a future workshop will take place in the winter of 2016. Here, the target group are again adolescents aged 16 or beyond. Yet the setting is much larger as it is envisaged for approximately 65 participants. The mornings of the six-day-training are characterised by information and programmes of education, as well as discussions with decision makers, whereas in the afternoons, the participants will acquire further project results in several workshops. Among them will be a stage play on the subject of marginalization, an animated short film on the subject of participation, a medial campaign which has been planned in theory during the training academy, and furthermore results, which have been elaborated by the participants of the other academies. Moreover, it is here that the ideas of the continuation of the structured dialogue as well as the guidance for dealing with the diversity in politics and the society emerge and develop.In february 2017 a delegation of young participants from both countries will again be sent to Brussels to personally meet relevant decision makers of european scale and to present tot hem the putcomes of our project.By their participation in the project "Voices od Diversity", the adolescents not only learn the mechanisms of the represantative democracy, but also experience that their participation in politicial decision processes is possible and desired. Therefore, this project makes an important step concerning the process of the empowerment of the adolescents and their organisations. Especially adolescents with a migration background are playing a part in contributing to implement a Europe of unity in diversity. Our project ensures that these adolescents participate actively in the project Europe.
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