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Vocational Training on Plant Propagation with Emphasis on the use of Biotechnological Methods

The project partnership aims to offer vocational training in the European plant propagation sector. As Europe is a world leader in micro-propagation, the project sets out to enhance economic growth in this sector. A range of potential users will be targeted, including those active in plant propagation and institutions offering vocational training in agriculture. As training in this area is usually limited to university students, the project emphasises the role of disadvantaged groups in gaining access to this viable sector in an effort to boost the number of skilled personnel employed within. An analysis of current practice and 'user needs' in plant propagation and vocational training will be undertaken by the project partners and will inform the content of the project's vocational training programme. Draft training material will be piloted in the partner countries amongst select groups of potential users. The training programme is intended for delivery in the workplace, and will be offered through a variety of media including traditional printed text and cell culture kits, in addition to CD-Rom, educational videos and a computer-based distance learning platform. A user guide to online distance learning for the workplace will also be produced and a trainer's manual will complement the user guide to ensure the effective delivery of training in the workplace. In summary, the project results will be delivered as training products, training methods and training materials. All learning/training tools will be made available in the languages of the project partners and there will also be an element produced in sign language. Dissemination will focus on the project partnership's long-term goal to exploit the results through commercialisation of the developed vocational training programme.
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