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Vocational Training in e-Learning for Teachers based on Complete e-Learning Platform in SCORM Standard

The project has a broad remit to furnish teachers with the knowledge and skill to utilise e-learning methodologies in the preparation of their teaching material. To this end, the project will establish a computer-based, e-learning training course for teachers. Project partners will develop a full range of e-learning educational materials in the form of computer-based experiments, simulations, classes, guides and a 'virtual classroom'. Different modules will be designed for different teaching requirements, different student capabilities and different ages. A survey will be undertaken with teachers in the partner countries to establish the extent of their knowledge about e-learning teaching applications. The results of the survey will inform the scope and range of module development and will enable project partners to develop e-learning modules that respond to specific user groups' needs. Multilingual and culturally contextualised training modules will be developed to meet the needs of local teachers in different settings. A teacher's manual and a student's manual will accompany the course. The e-learning course will be piloted with groups of teachers in each country over a period of three months with the results of the e-learning pilot then undergoing comparison with traditional (face-to-face) teacher training. One of the project partners will operate and maintain the project's e-learning platform. This will enhance course co-ordination between the project partners. The developed courses will be further made available on CD-Rom ensuring their availability in areas where internet connections and advanced IT software are not easily accessible. Close co-operation with local education bodies is essential for the success of the project's dissemination process, which will also entail the release of articles to professional journals and the distribution of project progress reports.

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