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Vocational Professionalisation by Practising Philosophy (with Children)

The partners will exchange experience of the practices in vocational educational training (VET) of kindergarteners in the different partner countries and develop a module to introduce the innovative strategy “Philosophy with Children” to enable vocational educational teachers to train their students. Philosophy with Children builds on the children’s own wonder and their natural curiosity. Children like to discuss fairness, beauty, friendship, self, dreaming, life and death or the question about what’s right or what’s real. Philosophy offers children to explore concepts, improve their thinking, making more sense of their world. One important goal of doing philosophy is to encourage children to ask questions, give reasons to their opinions and at the same time discover various interests and in exchange with the others find solutions and answers for themselves. Kindergarteners can become facilitators for the philosophical dialogue. We will develop a module for kindergartners with different materials, like philosophical stories from each country and manuals to support kindergarteners in getting familiar with the dialogical method of Philosophy with Children. These tools will help them to stimulate cognitive, social, creative and caring thinking that are necessary to cope in a multicultural globalized world. The outcome will be an eBooklet for kindergarteners.

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