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Vocational Learning for Sustainable Catering Systems

This project focused on the quality and availability of vocational training and competency development for catering staff providing food for the public sector in 4 European countries. Its main aim to establish a system of cooperation between the different partners involved in catering for the public sector, so that they can learn from each other and create universal tools of best practice. This can be applied to make vocational training as relevant as possible for the catering staff, including such elements as nutrition and sustainability and the job market. It is important to develop the link between vocational training that is available and the actual reality of the work environment and the European job market. By listening to personnel and incorporating the best practices from the partner countries, a stronger connection will be made between the skills that are needed in the workplace and the skills that are available in vocational education.Catering staff providing food to the public sector have to fulfil many demands. The food should be of good quality, nutritious and attractive to children, as well as being within a budget. Many of those employed within school kitchens have a low level of education and opportunities for training and competence development are small. All of the core partners are at the forefront in working to improve the sustainability of food in their country and this project will allow them to gain valuable inspiration and input into their work.The target audience for the project includes policy makers, managers of schools and kitchens, catering staff, as well as educators and trainers working with catering personnel. In each of the four countries the immediate focus is on local actors, but dissemination of results will lead to the project having a larger impact across Europe and informing policy makers and other actors of the results of the project.There will be a multiple knowledge transfer between the partners as each trade their expertise and experience in competency development amongst catering staff. Each of the partners will contribute with their skills and knowledge of training courses and the different subject areas that are relevant for improving the catering staff’s competency level. This knowledge transfer will contribute to an improved sustainability of meals in the public sector, as well as a more competent and skilled work force.

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