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Vocational Education Training - DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Logical framework as a summary overview of the structure and content of the project VET - database administrator For the presentation of the project summary display, is used Log frame model, which shows its relationship to a whole. The specific objectives (SO) are associated with the General objective (GO), results (R) with specific objectives (SO), Project Activities (PA) with the results (R) and the end indicators of outputs (IO) with the Project Activities (PA) . General aim (GO): Strengthening students’ knowledge skills and abilities, for more effective involvement in the labor market, after completing their education and increase the competence of teachers for a more efficient implementation of the curricula in the field of the business and law. Specific objectives (SO): SO1. Approaching the knowledge and skills of students according to European Qualifications Framework (EQF), designed for the needs of the European labor market, related to Action 1. (GO) SO2. Expansion of experience in the European approach of acquiring expertise and certification of teachers participants through their work placements in real work conditions, related to Action 2. (GO) Target group Project VET DAAD have two target groups, 1) Regular students of III and IV year vocational education profile Business Secretary and part-time students profile Business Secretary and Economic technician of economic and trade legal profession. 2) Teachers for economy, business, law and practical work. Expected measurable results Through the implementation of the project activities it is expected to achieve the following results (R) in quantified and qualitative form, as follows: R1. Held presentation for Erasmus project VET DAAD; (SO1,SO2) R2. Held meeting with the teaching team and with professional bodies. (SO1,SO2) R3. Implemented a mobility of students for conducting work placements in partner organization; (SO1) R4. Developing a training program for work placement for students (SO1) R5. 8 students trained 80 working hours with practical work for database administrator, according VCC system. (SO1) R6. Developing a training program for work placement for teachers. (SO2) R7. Implemented work placement 40 working hours of 3 teachers in partner organization, according VCC system (SO2) R8. Managed project and achieved 5 dissemination and promotional activities. (SO1,SO2) Main activities Project of DATABSE ADMINISTRATOR will be realized through the contents of the following Project Activities (PA): PA1. Establishing project infrastructure PA2. Mobility and preparation of work placement of 8 students according VCC certification system for database administrator - Activity 1 PA3. Mobility and work placement for developing of professional skills of 3 teachers, according certificated VCC program for database administrator in duration of 40 working hours - Activity 2 PA4. Project management and dissemination Indicators (IO) that show the quality of achievements: IO1- Presenting the Erasmus program in SEPUGS Arseni Jovkov - Skopje in terms of its possibilities for improving knowledge and connecting with other institutions from different educational areas. (PA1.). IO2 - Presentation of the project VET teaching DaaD before the teachers’ council about its goals and opportunities of the students. (PA1.). IO3 - Presentation of the work according to the European standards for the implementation of project activities. (PA1.). IO4 - Establishing partnerships with other educational institutions in the VET area. (PA2.). IO5 - Establishing standards for the way and pace of implementation of the mobility of students in order to gain knowledge. (PA2.). IO6 - Acquiring institutional capacity for managing mobility and establish of work placement for students. (PA2.). IO7 - Acquiring institutional experience of organizing international educational projects. (PA2.). IO8 - Increasing students’ expertise. (PA2.). IO9 - Developing ways of making agenda and timetable for short courses for the needs of local and regional labor markets. (PA3.). IO10 - Using the experience of the format for developing and applying of good practice in the teaching process. (PA3.). IO11 - Using the experience trough presentation of job shadowing, from real enterprise in regular classes. (PA3.). IO12 - Using their experiences, knowledge, know-how and skills of the labor placement of teachers in real enterprise application through exercises and tasks in regular classes. (PA3..) IO13 - Conducting training course under standardized procedure. (PA3.) IO14 - Increasing professional expertise to deliver short vocational training. (PA3.) IO15 - Preparedness and experience at the institutional level for project management of the Erasmus program. (PA4.) - Publishing informational texts in school newsletter and WEB - Publishing information on the activities in on-line portals. - Publishing interview in the daily media - Drafting school video for the project activities

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