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Vocational Certified Training on Business to Business Operations

Business-to-Business (B-to-B) operations is a fast growing field of economic activity, flattering a new-fangled ground of occupation and a source for job creation. The vocational measures, recent surveys and job advertisements reveal the progressive demand for B-to-B and for employees with sufficient know-how on aspects of B-to-B activities in Turkey. Turkish education and vocational training system has an alerting gap on training material in this crucial area of business. To build an appropriate vocational training for SMEs in B-to-B activities, there is a need for strong initiatives. A joint project of a multi-actor consortium backed by technologies-enabled content and processes and a common accreditation system is an answer to this recognized challenge. Present B2B transfer of innovation initiative addresses this need as heading for improving the B-to-B sales training in Turkey. Specific objective is to transfer former successful LdV project “EUBBSI” products for targets groups in Turkey subsequent to an intense study of training content and context “localization”. Partnership is leaded by the applicant Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) which performs as the umbrella organization of more than 70.000 active companies, mostly SMEs with a lot of sales and export practice with the impact of İzmir Port.EBILTEM, as a member of European Enterprise Network of the EU, being a prominent educational and research institution offers vocational and educational mentoring and puts input in evaluation of EUBBSI products. Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry/ Grenoble School of Management, being the owner and coordinator of the former EUBBSI project will present the methodology and content of EUBBSI and assess the transfer into B2B products accordingly. ITC-europa, Brussels-based project management company will accomplish project coordination, management and will be responsible for execution of workpackages. Upon this multiactor and strong consortium, foremost outcomes shall be integrated training modules premeditated for use of SMEs and SME practitioners in Turkey with the intention of facilitating them fruitfully partaking in B-to-B activities including solution selling, acceleration of innovation processes, increasing needs for an entrepreneurial attitude, the development of business to business purchasing, customer relationship management, efficiency measures, plus a common competency framework via certificate and organisational diagnosis tools for measuring sales effectiveness. Training module implies to design and offer the training participants a “B-to-B Sales Institute” as a field to use for their vocational skills. Anticipated impact of B2B will be widespread usage of modules by thousands of SMEs in Izmir and wider Turkey geography and have multiplier effect by equipping increasingly number of professionals in labour force and unemployed people with B-to-B sales knowledge, skills and qualifications.
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