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Vocational and Linguistic Training Centre for Tourism Activities

The project seeks to create a viable, integrative, flexible, learner-oriented, non-academic course of vocational training aimed at the acquisition of vocational expertise and practical skills in the area of tourism. Specifically, the project will create a new tourism-training centre in Romania and will develop existing training centres in the remaining partner countries (FR, IT & ES), each able to host training course suited to the demands of the tourism labour market. . It will develop and introduce new training methods and tools to support a growing demand for lifelong and autonomous learning, will adopt common evaluation/assessment procedures and standards, will work towards the ongoing development of training personnel and will develop and introduce a range of training materials and modules specific to the tourism industry. Target beneficiaries are young graduates and existing employees in the tourism industry wishing to undergo continue training, to enhance skills levels and/or to gain recognition for skills already acquired. End project results will comprise: a new Vocational and Linguistic Training Centre for Tourism Activities in Romania; enhanced provision within existing tourism centres in ES, FR & IT; new course content and training syllabus (tourism agent and tourism manager); new teaching methods; a range of educational materials (including some web-based materials) and common skills evaluation criteria. Beyond the project, the new training centre expects to continue to offer related training courses, to design and disseminate new courses, to train new trainers, to facilitate transnational exchange and co-operation, to support the introduction of additional new centres and to offer consultation on tourism training issues. Round tables, conferences, presentations and media events will publicise the project results to policy makers and tourism employer associations at national level to encourage further expansion of the new approach to vocational training.
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