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Visuality & Mathematics: Experiential Education of Mathematics through Visual Arts, Sciences and Playful Activities
Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

Training a new generation to accomplish the prerequisites established by a knowledge-based competitive society and economy is a significant goal to reach. Our project aims to achieve this goal by SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND THE PRAGMATIC EDUCATIONAL METHODS of the educational institutions and their teachers and tutors in Serbia. We also intend to raise students’ interest for mathematics and sciences and make these disciplines more appealing to the youth, INVOKING INTER- AND TRANS-DISCIPLINARY INSTRUMENTS.During the project we are going to expand and MODERNIZE THE TOOL SYSTEM used in the field of mathematics and other sciences in Serbian elementary and secondary schools. First INTERACTIVE TOOLKITS (laptop, projector, “active board”) will be purchased for the benefit of each Serbian partner-institution. Then an EDUCATIONAL SMART TOOLKIT will be developed, which will consist of an exercise book and software - both linked to the modern teaching methods. The third part of the educational toolkit is a series of short films that can be used as METHODOLOGICAL HELP by teachers.We are going to pass on and develop TEACHING METHODOLOGY for Serbian teachers and undergraduate students to use in elementary and secondary mathematics education. We’ll present methods to teach mathematics in an exciting way through two Summer Universities, two Experience Workshops, various publications, short-term mobilities for students and through a closing conference.The WIDER PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT is to make sure that MORE CHILDREN SHOULD CHOOSE MATHEMATICS as their subject of studies. That’s the reason why we count on Serbian students during the project: we’ll measure their approach to the present methods of mathematic teaching and during Experience Workshops they’ll have a hands-on experience to new methods and practices.We believe that our project is a distinctive and creative approach to an existing problem and no similar has been set up in the near past.
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