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Visual Teaching and Digital Storytelling as an Educational Tool
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Visi-Teaching is a project that is intended to deliver the idea of, method and medium for visual learning and teaching to the primary teachers to help them create their own visual lessons. The project suggests that the traditional print-based, auditory teaching methods reduce the performance in class. Thus Visi-Teaching a new approaches for today’s ‘visual learners’ is proposed. Thus this project, targets teachers and aims to enchance their knowledge and skills through an visual and digital teaching methods. As the project team members, from alternative perspectives, we have been researching, developing or implementing multi-modal, design-based visual learning methods and materials and we suggest that visual learning and teaching techniques are just appropriate tools that respond the cognitive and social expectancies of current school education. Thus, VISI-TEACHING project offers compact and practical visual teaching methods and media through the proper use of ICTs for the use of educators; aims to bring out new generation of “visual teachers”. Visi-Teaching is not a single method but a combination and a synthesis of ‘learning through vision’. One of the most efficient branch of visual learning is through “visual and digital story telling” (also covers graphic novelling, visual mapping). Set in this framework, we are aiming to prepare and provide a Visi-e-Guide , sample Visi-Courses and an open source website Visi-e-Platformfor teachers. Briefly Visi-Teaching project is the combination of all these outputs mentioned and events and training along with them. Through Visi-Teaching we aim to; - improve both basic skills education and transversal skills; since visual teaching can be applied to every basic skills education field and knowledge is communicated through ICT which is a domain of transversal skills. - bring school education closer to life and help establish positive bonds between the teacher and student, since in visual teaching, ordinary role of the teacher is turned into to a visual story-teller and in the content, more interactive, humorous and up-to-date associations are established through the Visi-Courses. - support creative thinking, since Visi-Teaching suggest communication through images and from the perceivers point of view the information received through visual data is open-ended and it improves childrens’ creativity and their feeling of self and identity. - build up a universal visual language between cultures, since visual language was present long before auditory and written speech and every culture in the world have visual literacy heritage. For example the applicant partner, Turkish Directorate and Dokuz Eylul University staff have been working specifically on delivering cultural heritage knowledge through visual storytelling and have already installed a series of Visi-history Courses to the school curricula. Also the partner organizations Crete Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete and Syllogos Filon Mouseiou Sxolikis- The Friends’ Association of the School Life Museum of the Prefecture of Chania have alike approaches and experiences which will contribute a lot the project. VISI-TEACHING can be a supportive tool in education in order to establish a common visual language ground among European cultures/countries. The visual learning and teaching lessons shared in an open medium can contribute to spreading the knowledge on diverse subjects. Another reason is that exchange of good practices and experiences is a key aspect in discovering and promoting new methods. Thus sharing of know-hows and technologies transnationally is vital to this project.
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