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Visual Learning and Inference in Joint Scene Models (VISLIM)
Start date: Jun 1, 2013, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"One of the principal difficulties in processing, analyzing, and interpreting digital images is that many attributes of visual scenes relate in complex manners. Despite that, the vast majority of today's top-performing computer vision approaches estimate a particular attribute (e.g., motion, scene segmentation, restored image, object presence, etc.) in isolation; other pertinent attributes are either ignored or crudely pre-computed by ignoring any mutual relation. But since estimating a singular attribute of a visual scene from images is often highly ambiguous, there is substantial potential benefit in estimating several attributes jointly.The goal of this project is to develop the foundations of modeling, learning and inference in rich, joint representations of visual scenes that naturally encompass several of the pertinent scene attributes. Importantly, this goes beyond combining multiple cues, but rather aims at modeling and inferring multiple scene attributes jointly to take advantage of their interplay and their mutual reinforcement, ultimately working toward a full(er) understanding of visual scenes. While the basic idea of using joint representations of visual scenes has a long history, it has only rarely come to fruition. VISLIM aims to significantly push the current state of the art by developing a more general and versatile toolbox for joint scene modeling that addresses heterogeneous visual representations (discrete and continuous, dense and sparse) as well as a wide range of levels of abstractions (from the pixel level to high-level abstractions). This is expected to lead joint scene models beyond conceptual appeal to practical impact and top-level application performance. No other endeavor in computer vision has attempted to develop a similarly broad foundation for joint scene modeling. In doing so we aim to move closer to image understanding, with significant potential impact in other disciplines of science, technology and humanities."

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