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Visible learning
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Visible Learning" implies 21 mobilities for 12 employees of ZSG-H. 9 people within 24 months will participate in selected courses as content and language integrated learning (CLIL), working with pupils with special educational needs and gain experience by observing activities/lessons at partner schools SOU SV NAUM OHRIDSKI, AMASYA IMKB and JOENSUUN YHTEISKOULUN LUKIO. In addition, 3 people will participate in Job Shadowing to gain experience in working with diverse groups of students and teaching the ethics subject. Qualifying participants will be recognized through a certificate Europass - Mobility.Within the implementation of CLIL teachers who will participate the project will take part in a linguistic-methodical course and then Job Shadowing activity at partner schools that will be a way to gain experience in areas that are set out in the European School Development Plan as needing support.The knowledge gained by the participants of the course combined with getting experience on working with pupils with special educational needs during the Job Shadowing complement implemented by us in the "What will be the school of the future" implemented in 2014/2015 under the Erasmus + programme. Also we would like to find another solution in working with students who have learning problems. These students will have a chance to graduate school and get a matriculation certificate and vocational qualifications.Moreover, since the school year 2015/2016 for 146 students are organized in ZSG-H ethics classes. Their who provide this lessons have needed for this qualifications but have no experience in teaching the subject. Participation in practice the type of Job Shadowing will serve the education and skills to conduct ethics classes using a variety of teaching methods, sharing experiences and support for skills acquisition and teaching materials and creating lesson plans.We want to implement a project "Visible Learning," because we want to held in our school an effective educational process. When teaching and learning are visible, increasing the likelihood that students achieve more. Teachers with specific, advanced framework of thinking can make a difference, so we decided to apply for support that offers schools, Erasmus + Mobility School education staff in implementing new solutions observed abroad and improvement of professional skills of school staff.The "Visible Learning" was created in response to the needs, diagnosed by groups that have participated in the educational process. Planned mobilities will contribute to meeting the identified at the European School Development Plan needs. The experience gained and acquired by employees ZSG-H will implement the objectives defined in the Internationalization Strategy 2015-2020 ZSG-H and 5-year School Development Plan. These are:• Improved prepare graduates for active functioning of the labor market by modernizing the educational offer of the school, which used modern methods of teaching CLIL type, allowing for learning key skills included in the curriculum;• Align the educational gap in the learning process through the implementation of new and effective forms of assistance to pupils with special educational needs;• Gaining experience in driving skills courses in ethics by sharing their experiences of teaching and educational and formulation based on a strategy not useful measures;• Building awareness of the diversity and openness to cultural distinctiveness;• Building the image of the school as an institution effectively procuring EU funds and taking up international cooperation;• Gaining competence of English. ensuring the effective use of foreign languages.• Improvement of personnel resulting from the needs of the school significantly influence the improvement of the quality of education, upbringing and care.The school will turn this experience and acquired expertise personnel involved in the project for the strategic development plan of institutions in the future through activities that will have long-term impact on participants in the project, institution and local environment. These are:• increasing the efficiency of the education system in the same direction with the labor market• raising the level of industry partnership, which is a platform of understanding the organization and the partner institutions engaged in similar activities, seeking to exchange experiences and work together, as well as improve the efficiency of its operations• enrichment capital spol. - establish common values, norms, working methods based on the interaction and relationships between participants
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