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Virtual Reality
Start date: Aug 3, 2015, End date: Jun 2, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project has been prepared within the scope of KA1 Youth Exchange Program under partnership of Turkey and Romania and will be implemented in Yüksekova District of Hakkari upon participation of 28 young participants. Becoming the most important instrument of access to information and share of information, Internet has become one of the most indispensible part of our life. Increase in the intensity of the digital technologies in the human life has led to need for individuals competent in usage and utilization of such technologies within the daily life and in various professions. The dynamic structure of these technologies and information oblige the individuals to catch up with the same dynamism in usage of these technologies and information and to use them for a sound purpose. Computer and internet users, whose number increases every day in Turkey and all around world, are also influenced from many negative developments besides many positive aspects. Despite being a very important and powerful source of information, unconscious usage of Internet constitutes a significant threat for the youth. In this context, the general objective of our project is to create conscious and awareness about the virtual world, to avoid Internet from being a threat for the youth, to ensure the Internet being used at a high level as a source for right perception and controlled usage. Our project aims that the young people, who are the natural members of information society, gain the competence to use the instruments of the information age relevant to its purpose, and to have access to information and use such information in their lives. Within the scope of the project, the young participants will implement activities on the facilities provided to the human life by the digital technologies, usage areas of such digital technologies, any damages and threat, which may arise due to unconscious usage of such technologies, and recognition of such technologies. Focused on personal, social and professional development of the youth, the subject matter of the project incorporates many learning methods such as presentations, discussions, practices, questionnaires and surveys, etc. The project activities will avail the young participants to get familiar with different cultures, to raise awareness and conscious on European citizenship and to gain the capability to express themselves through social and cultural activities.

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