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Virtual Museum Transnational Network (
Start date: Feb 1, 2011, End date: Jan 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description The project aims to provide the cultural heritage sector with Virtual Museums that are educational, enjoyable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.Virtual Museums are personalised, immersive, interactive experiences that enhance our understanding of the world around us. The term 'Virtual Museum' is a general one that covers various types of digital creations including virtual reality and 3D.The partners aim at resolving the problem of research fragmentation in this field and at sharing the knowledge required to integrate Virtual Museums into the broader museum domain in a sustainable way. This will be achieved by connecting different technological domains, by integrating social and cognitive sciences, by providing state-of-the-art digital preservation and authoring tools.Areas of activity:To define a knowledge base and a common language related to the Virtual Museum field and to identify problems, needs and requirements through discussion groups. To build a theoretical model of Virtual Museums, with input from the fields of communication, cognitive science and ontology.To identify a service platform with infrastructural components and integrated services. To identify useful tools based on visualisation, interaction and new output devices, resulting in guidelines for the Virtual Museum of the Future. To develop a Mobility Programme (V-Move), a Training Programme (V-MusTer.School) and an Educational Programme.To build an experimental laboratory, to create Virtual Museum test beds and to develop a 'Transmedia Project' containing several Virtual Museums that use different communicative media (e.g. video, multimedia, interactive games).

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