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Virtual Experiences - Preparing Students for Foreign Language Use in Work Placements in Hotels and Catering

The Virtual Experiences project will develop a series of language-learning CD-Rom, to allow hotel and catering students undertaking work placements to gain advance experience of using English and German, as a foreign language. The primary target audience for the developed CD-Rom are VET centres for the hospitality industry. Language skills are an important part of work in the hospitality industry and whilst students acquire language skills in the course of practical training, there is an identified lack of language training with the target group. To this end, the project will develop a series of CD-Rom to develop the language skills of students prior to commencing a work placement. The format and content of the CD-Rom will be based upon an existing language training package held by the NL promoter. The CD-Rom will contain 'real life' film sequences, in EN & DE and will feature accompanying language-learning tasks for the students and internet references. Descriptions and instructions relating to the film sequences will be available on the CD-Rom in all partner languages. The contents of the CD-Rom will be able to be taught at different levels and teachers will be provided with a 40-page handbook to assist in the delivery of language-training. A pilot phase will be undertaken in VET schools in the project partner countries with results informing final project development. In addition to promoting the results of the project within the hospitality industry, the partnership plan a wider dissemination of the developed language-learning tools to educational institutions in general as it is felt that the developed CD-Rom sequences will be able to be used generically within language training.

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