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Βιωματική και Ενεργητική Μάθηση
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Basic need of our Association is to constantly improve the quality of education offered. Within this framework aims to train trainers, coordinators and animators on most new, modern, innovative and creative forms of active and experiential learning in the European area of adult education. There is nothing better than direct, vivid experience to wake up the love for learning and teaching. The activities to the experiential and active learning touch everyone, because they reflect the social and emotional lives. The plans of the Association for achieving this goal is to monitor four different service training seminars in experiential and active learning issues from organizations with experience and tradition in these matters. Selected innovative and creative workshops that combine both theory but mainly contemporary practice in these matters. Coordinators who will participate from our Association will be able through this training to pass on important knowledge and experiences that will accrue, to my fellow coordinators of the Association. Such knowledge and practices will be applied directly to adults who attend our seminars and other activities. Will be evaluated and then diffusion of new knowledge and practice. In this way we aim to enrich the practice of the Association for experiential and active learning which can be achieved. The participants in in-service training courses will be selected from the group of coordinators of our association. It is necessary that these coordinators have some experience, albeit small in experiential and active learning. More important than the experience is for our interest and commitment to the use of alternative and attractive learning methods. An important part is also how "open" are as educators, their creativity and team spirit and willingness to share knowledge, skills and experiences. Their selection will be made by a three-member Board of the competent committee through the observation of their work in the Association. Participants will have a unique opportunity to get in touch with the latest methodologies experiential and active learning in adult education. They will gain new skills and knowledge. They will have an exceptional opportunity to exchange experience, ideas and concerns with European colleagues to so assist the Association in the realization of our objectives. Our Association will have the opportunity to participate and be represented in European seminars. In addition you will gain through these new training methodologies, knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of education offered. Adults who participate in our seminars and activities will have the opportunity in upgraded offered education and in the latest innovative and modern knowledge that is applying in Europe. The impact of this project will be great at local, regional, national and European level. Locally, regionally and nationally will have upgraded offered training in adult education. Innovative and creative methods of active and experiential learning will enhance the qualitative upgrading of education we offer. For the dissemination of the new knowledge and experience we will organize training sessions and conferences targeted at trainers and teachers who will apply the new methodology.
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