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VILLAS, STATELY HOMES AND CASTLES: compatible use, valorisation and creative management (VILLAS)
Start date: Dec 31, 2003, End date: Jun 29, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cultural heritage, preserved and managed in an appropriate way, can play a decisive role in spatial development. This is the focus of the VILLAS project. The project's main aims consist in improving and revitalising the aesthetic and economic aspects of architectural heritage by creating an evaluation model and defining a compatible, reusable strategy tool according to the planning criteria and spatial policies of the CADSES area. In the long term, the project is expected to have a positive effect on regional communities and economies through the increase of knowledge, cultural tourism, investment possibilities, etc. and in a broader sense the amelioration of juridical instruments at national and European level. The possibilities of intercultural dialogue and the multidisciplinary approach of the topic will, on the one hand, achieve the relevant sustainable development requirements, and, on the other hand, contribute to the support and stability of the area. Expected Results: Obtained and expected outcomes are: - Increase of knowledge on the cultural heritage according to a transnational idea applied to a vast area, - Exchange of information and methodology among the partners themselves and potential investors, and consequent professional growth of the staff involved in the conservation and enhancement of the cultural heritage (scientific networking), - Availability of innovative instruments for carrying out territorial and landscaped planning, such as evaluation tools, to assess the sustainability of re-use projects and the Villas Web GIS containing relevant information and data related to villas, castles and manor houses, - Availability of more information in order to sustain decisions inherent to intervention strategies in the cultural heritage sector, - Co-operation with public and private potential investors to define objectives and methods for the re-use of the cultural heritage, - Availability of operative projects that, in fact, represent the basis for future investments, - Sharing (through seminars, conventions, Web publications) with the community the objectives of the heritage improvement actions, - Sharing an enhancement plan containing strategies and measures to increase the value of European Cultural Heritage.

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