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Viitorul tehnicianului designer mobila si amenajari interioare prin mobilitate europeana
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project with the title ”The future of the designer technician of furniture and interior arrangements by European mobility” appeals to a group of 32 students from the 11th class, 3rd level of The Technological High School” Avram Iancu” from Sibiu, who obtain at the end of their studies the qualification of interior designer of furniture and interior arrangements and has as a goal acquiring the competencies of the curricula for the 11th class, the qualify as a technician designer of furniture and interior arrangements, module IV ”The furniture construction” which interacts with UC 12 “The furniture construction” from the vocational training Standard. The project is thought to be developed for 24 months, beginning with October 2015 and will finish in October 2017. The project was developed aftermaking analyze at our high school level, which has found out the following needs: - The accomplish of a practical training in firms with a high level of technology, which use raw material and solutions with a high respect for nature, modern systems of constructions. - The contacts with those professionals with a high level of qualifications, who use the computer in dimensioning and finding constructive solutions - The school syllabus correlation with the working market desires - An attractive practical training, efficient adapted to their level of understanding - Abilities linked by the training of joining in at the working place and the transition from school to the working place, working skills and the development of values and attitudes which contribute to the access to higher levels of qualifications and adapting them permanently to the working market needs. - Real working experiences, for the construction of a real image about career opportunities - Linguistic, cultural and social competencies The objectives of the project are: O1- Supporting the participants for improving their professional competencies, by acquiring working experience in an European working place connected to the field of professional training O2- The improvement of personal competencies, of those of communication and cooperation among working relations, of the cultural competencies and widening of the cultural horizon for the growth of the level of adaptability at working medium, at a living one in a foreign country O3- Encouraging the participating students to accept the idea of working mobility and training in European Union Community as a perspective for a better place O4- The strengthening of the partnership relation, that should permit later contracts, either by projects financed by European Union, or by other sources The period of training probation was establish in agreement with the partner organization that will accept us for 4 weeks, in two periods: the first in April 2016 and the second in April 2017 and dovetails with the National Syllabus approved by the Annex 3 OMEICI 3313/02/03/2009 for this qualification. In the curricula is written that the training period traverses the module MIV:”The furniture construction” that is UC 12” The furniture construction” of SPP. Because during the training probation are developed all the competencies and skills included in SPP at this UC, the mobility becomes in this way a part of the professional training assured by school, and this, after the return of the training period of probation will accomplish the transfer, recognition and including in the qualification of the competencies developed during this probation training. Institutions involved: The beneficiary institution The Technological High School “AvramIancu” from Sibiu, PIC 947830263 -the host organization Carpinteria de Armar Los TresJuanes, PIC 943671970, ESPACOS MIRANDA, PIC 946220839 - the intermediate organization Associacao Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade,PIC 948037649,M.E.P. Europrojects Granada,PIC 949490903 Expecting results: 1. Vocational abilities, competencies and skills, acquired by the participants, according to the profession as Technician of furniture design and interior arrangements 2. The improving of the abilities of communication in a foreign language, cultural ones, the ways of working in a team in an international context 3. The developing of the contractor abilities 4. Photos exhibition presenting aspects from the training period of probation 5. Writing a curricular auxiliary 6. Writing a partnership agreement between The Technological High School ”AvramIancu” Sibiu and Carpinteria de Armar Los Tres Juanes, PIC 943671970,ESPACOS MIRANDA, PIC 946220839 Long term goals of the project: 7. The growth of the participation on the labor market at the regional level, national and European ones of our graduates 8. The growth of the renown of our high school 9. Applying for new mobility projects Erasmus+
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