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Victor Hugo is still alive: Plastic surgery to a 200-year-old piece of literature

We brought together Polish and Belgian (Dutch-speaking) pupils. First, lessons were taught in each separate school on the partner country’s geography, history, literature and art. Also some specific and necessary vocabulary in German, English and French and particular IT-skills was introduced, next to some hands-on knowledge of the other language (Dutch/Polish). The novel Notre Dame was read and discussed.On a website the participants have discussed the things they learned on each other’s country and topics related to the main themes (minorities, importance of beauty, etc.)The core of the programme consisted of 2 exchanges of 10 days. During the first exchange the pupils were divided into 4 groups, each group specialising in a particular art form : theatre, short movie, animation film and music (workshops). Every group had its own working language: English, German or French, and also Polish and Dutch. Starting from a 200-year-old novel they created a modern adaptation in their own art form, introducing elements of their own culture and interpretation.During the second exchange the pupils brought the scripts or songs they had created to life in a performance.
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