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Viac hláv, viac rozumu, alebo nápady na rozvoj kľúčových kompetencií žiaka a podporu jeho sebavedomia prostredníctvom netradičných foriem práce.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Long time continuing traditions and experience in creating and implementing projects, keep up with the times, understand our time and adapt to new circumstances, an endeavor to raise the level of education, to be ‘in”, and to learn new things - these are the main motivating factors that encourage us to be creative and try new activities. Strategic planning, innovation, modern approach to our students, the school, colleagues and to ourselves form the future of our school. By analyzing the past and drawing conclusions, we try to find and establish a common goal. In this way we would like to strengthen the feeling of individual responsibility as a whole for the realization of that objective. The aim of our project is to give gained experience to our students and to improve the level of teaching and developing pupil competences. We want to implement more attractive teaching, increase motivation learning to learn , make new friends and connections, learn from them and improve our language skills. We are aware that the acquisition of key competences is a lifelong learning process. We know that these competences also contribute to productivity growth and therefore if the students learn something new, they can apply the combination of knowledge, expand their knowledge and change it as necessary. It is essential that we develop the competences of the pupil from the first class. Through teamwork they learn how to solve problems, through the game they develop and practice good communication skills and learn how to make a compromise. Under proper guidance, in a calm environment we have to teach pupils how to develop and utilize their potential, to reach success, to remain themselves, and thus to be ready for any changes they will encounter in their life. We choose such activities like exploration, research, examination, surveys; activities from which students will be able to utilize acquired information. It is important to collect data, work with them, use and present them. We will use all effective methods and forms that students learn to learn and methods of developing critical thinking, as essays; methods of developing creative thinking as brainstorming, collaborative teaching, project learning, global education. The eTwinning projects gain skills in information and communication technologies and the ability to speak in a foreign language. A very important task facing us is to strengthen the self-confidence of the students. Education plays a vital role in preparing future generations for their cooperation. We will guide students to increase their responsibility towards the environment and also emphasize learning about Europe, through the preservation of cultural identity and encourage them to respect other nations. Furthermore we will develop doctrine for Europe. Upon building these values we try to improve relations in school and society. We would like to enrich our school work on innovative features and create a home school environment based on mutual trust and respect. We would like to add new perspectives, new people, new methods and forms, new knowledge and much more to the foundations that we already have had. To ensure that these foundations will sustained and that we can continue to build on them, our high quality teachers in our school will contribute by their unflagging enthusiasm, hard work and plenty of drive.
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