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Activities implemented within the framework of the project achieved the following objectives: establishment of the common tourist product VIA URBIUM, restoration and conservation of common cultural and historical elements in the entire cross-border region, and design of long-term promotion and marketing activities. Achievements: The project involved 3 towns (one route, three towns, three countries); 15 proposals for the common tourist product were made (each town prepared 5 variants); market research was carried out surveying agencies in all three towns on the basis of which the common town tourist product was designed consisting of 3 x 3-day modules in each town; a common market strategy was prepared; the common communication image was designed and 4 press conferences were organised; promotional brochures (presentation folders, the brochure Three Towns at a Go and the brochure Step onto the VIA URBIUM) were made and the project was advertised in print and electronic media; 2 workshops have been carried out, tourist and sign postings were set up and over 100 travel agencies have been contacted. During implementation of the project the cross-border partners exchanged experience andstrengthened their partnership, which is of essential importance for ensuring the sustainability of the project.

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