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Via-passie: Compassion and Action in Georgia
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the project 'Via-passie: Compassion and Action in Georgia' three groups of 10 youth will do volunteer activities in three social projects in Georgia. All three projects are of Caritas Georgia: 1. Recreational and Educational Camp with 10 Dutch youth volunteers and 5 Georgian youth volunteers (from Eshtia and some other places) with 30 Georgian children (age 7-13 years old) of the village of the beautiful but poor mountain village of Eshtia. 2. Repair activities on the Kindergarten of Khizabavra with 10 Dutch youth volunteers and 10 Georgian youth volunteers from Khizabavra and other places in Georgia. 3. Volunteerwork in five small group homes of Caritas Georgia in Tbilisi. A small group home has ± 10 children placed there by the Georgian Government, because they cannot yet be re-united with their family or placed in Georgian foster families. The Dutch volunteers will in pairs participate and organise entertainment and sport activities with the children. The Dutch volunteers arre mostly youth with fewer opportunities: early school-leavers, young people in long-term unemployment, young people in debt or with financial problems, immigrants or descendants from immigrant or refugee families, youth with linguistic adaptation and cultural inclusion difficulties, youth facing discrimination because of ethnicity, disability, etc., (ex-)offenders, young and/or single parents. The expected impact of this project on this youth is that they: 1. will have got improved attitude of self esteem and self confidence ; 2. will have increased skills and compassion for contributing to the wellbeing of disadvantaged children; 3. will have increased compass for their life for compassion and action, for disadvantaged persons in their own local environment, in Europe and outside Europe; 4. will have increased knowledge and understanding of and positive attitude towards European values of human dignity of people, solidarity, pluralism and tolerance. Will have increased competences required for social and economic participation in society, such as: 5. increased competence for doing realistic planning together with others and actually implement those plans; 6. increased competence to receive and give constructive feedback; 7. increased competence in creative skills and entrepreneurial mindset. 8. increased competence in use of English language. The project is expected to have a multiplier effect through youthworkers from Stichting Radius, some teachers in the schools in the area, relevant staff of the local government in the Land van Cuijk and some leaders of the local parishes. These persons will discover the added advantage of letting youth with fewer opportunities gain additional competences for social and economic participation in society through non-formal learning in volunteerwork and in the preparatory phase of the volunteer work. Stichting Via-passie reizen will organise several meetings with them after the voluteer work if finished, to discuss the impact this project had on the youth, and to see how these learnings can be used by them and what ways that they can develop themselves in this direction, as well as what services Stichting Via-passie reizen and others can play in this regard.
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